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Spring is in the air, my lovelies, and I thought it’d be best to celebrate in the sweetest style. I had the privilege of touring Dylan’s Candy Bar with Dana, a real doll who showed me the new spring goodies in this cutsie candy land. I must declare that I was behaving, quite literally like a kiddie in a candy store.

Dylan’s itself is eye candy, tres chicer than any Wonka-esque World or Hershey Land. Could it be the fact that Dylan Lauren (as in Ralph’s daughter) is the owner of the store?

I have to admit, before I stepped foot in this candy land, I had the notion that Dylan’s was a blinged-out Chuck E. Cheese. I was proved wrong, mes amies. Sure, there are plenty of kids running around on a jellybean-induced sugar high, candy bubbles blowing in the air, and music that has a “candy only” theme, but the shop is also a girly-girl heaven. Every item is beautifully packaged; the bath and body treats are good enough to eat, and the music that’s played in the background does not exclude Xtina’s ‘Candy Man’ and 50 Cent’s, ‘Candy Shop.’

And for the more mature audience, Dylan’s even makes an “adult” line. Think you need to replace those Bridget Jones granny panties? Toss those old rags and pick a pair of candy g-strings. There’s no telling what your loved one will be like on a little sugar high of their own, n’est ce que pas?

It so happens that I’m a bit of a lush for sweets, one of those gals that gulps down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and celebrates with a dozen Magnolia cupcakes. I’ll probably be up three days (as well as 3 lbs.) with all of the candy goodness I have sampled (for the readers sake, of course) this evening. But here’s something I didn’t know. Candy shops have seasonal products.

Yep, as father Ralph is designing his spring collection each year, months in advance, daughter Dylan and her staff are busy planning some spring releases of their own. And Dylan’s spring products are absolutely adorable! Oh how I have missed seeing pinks, yellows and greens. My absolute favorite product here would be the new cordial line. There are lots of varieties, but my faves were the Martini mix with Appletini, Cosmo and Melontini flavored cordials. I’d skip happy hour for these delights. The Vacation mix with Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Mojito flavors taste so much like the real thing that I momentarily mistook my sugar-buzz for the real thing!

Any of you gals like chocolate? Ok Ok, call me Captain Obvious, just thought I’d ask! Well, Dylan’s has their own Belgian chocolate candy bar and is sold in adorable packages that look like girly-colored crayons. My favorite new bar for spring is the Dark Strawberry (don’t forget that fruit is good for you). And speaking of what’s good for you, Dylan’s also has a new line of dark chocolate. You will feel so Euro when you’re nibbling on your 90% cocoa bar. The 65% cocoa with nibs is insanely popular.


Of course, it wouldn’t be spring if I didn’t mention Peeps. You either love or hate these ultra sugary marshmallow bunnies (I ain’t hatin’). Those who await the Easter Bunny this year will find that Peeps have jumped on the bandwagon and gone green (their new color) and sugar-free (pretty yummy), so now all of the anti-sugar babies can get their Splenda fix.

So, darlings, run a few extra miles this week, take a spin class or just splurge for crying out loud! Pick up the new spring sweets at Dylan’s. You might just see me and my Peeps getting our sugar fix.

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darcy hughes

hi anne! good article!!



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