Iconic Deneuve: Zang Toi’s Fall Collection

Zang Toi’s show on Friday afternoon was titled “The Iconic Catherine Deneuve.” Luxurious, and true to typical Toi fashion, the models wore super-luxe items from a Leopard Calfskin Mini Trench to Paisley Moviestar wrap lined with black fox. Deneuve would have been impressed.


Romantic and lush, the collection showcased big, bold looks with plenty of fur, velvet, cashmere and silk. Roses adorned big “bombshell-like” hair. Dresses were encrusted with jewels. In short, it was a production along the lines of Marie Antoinette.

The hair, as before, was done by Eiji Salon. Eiji said the look of the big, curly hairdo was of course, inspired by Deneuve, and all the models wore hairpieces with extra curls added for effect. Eiji applied Japanese Mirbon products (from his line) to the models’ hair for added texture.


The makeup was done by James Boehmer for NARS cosmetics. “It’s a bold-faced eye,” he says. “I blended two colors on the eyes: Summertime, the Dark Side and Gold Side of Brazil. We did false eyelashes, lots of mascara…the skin was very natural and fresh, and we used soft blushes called Maldives and Lusterblush, which is new for holiday. The lips were very sheer with a golden nude called Promiscuous.”

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