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Tomboys of New York, listen up: It’s time to embrace your inner girly-girl! Pack up those Chuck Taylors and trash those worn-til-they’ve-torn denim cut-off’s. No more vintage (euphemism for ratty) tees and PUH-LEASE ditch your no-makeup-needed attitude once and for all – a little mascara never hurt…in fact, it could help!

Take it from a pink-lovin’, lipstick wearin’, self admittin’ diva who thinks girls rule and a woman owes it to herself and her gender to play up her assets in every way possible (keepin’ those men perpetually fascinated).

If I was to be reincarnated as a fashion designer, I would come back as purveyor of adorable dresses, skirts and all things divine, as in Nanette Lepore. I am an original fan, with an allegiance to her creations dating back almost a decade. I’ve been following her career and obsessing over her clothes long before she opened up her own swank bi-coastal boutiques in Soho and Beverly Hills (Vegas and Tokyo outposts to follow) before the word seeped to the streets and legions of fans were still enquiring about the secret to my fashion success.

I have a few authentic pieces still in my closet with the original old-school Nanette label before it got refurbished and since then, my collection has grown (at a slightly alarming rate), new label and all. I make sure to save up enough pennies (now you know what I’m doing on my rainy days) to splurge on at least two new designs a season, which I will no doubt cherish for years to come – as her clothing is hard to tire of. Like boyfriends, trends may come and go, but Nanette is forever.

Shopping excursions south of the border (that’s 14th Street and below) should include a stop in Nanette Lepore, located conveniently across the way from the just-as-perilous Calypso empire on Broome Street. With dresses sexy enough to woo whole parties of groomsmen at upcoming wedding appearances to snazzy boardroom suits guaranteed to seal that deal, Nanette Lepore is one-stop-shopping at its best.

Go ahead and admit it: Until now, The Color Purple was a movie title…all of a sudden, it’s your fashion M.O. Thanks for the inspiration Nanette!

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