In 2009 I Resolve to…
Found Out What the BN Staff Hopes to Accomplish in the New Year

I’m sure for the new year we’re all hoping for a better economy and job market, to trim our waistlines, commit to a workout regimen, quit smoking, etc. Here at BN we decided to ring in the new year with more interesting resolutions, so without further ado here are some ways we’re starting the year off with a bang:

In 2009 I resolve…

To learn how to sew dresses so that come summertime, I’ll have my own line of custom-made dresses and I won’t have to spend much time (or money) drooling over sales racks! I’d also like to start selling some of my art to boutiques or online. – Dating Editor, Hannah Joseph

To do a better job of staying in touch with my friends and family who don’t live in New York. I want to write more letters and emails. – Writer, Yelena Moroz

To never put regular dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher again! (On the other hand, my kitchen floor has never been so clean!) – Editorial Director and Skin Care Editor, Candice Sabatini

To get a bitchin’ tattoo. – Writer, Anne Jones

To finally purchase property now that I have zero credit card debt and to have a positive perspective so I’ll never have a boring, ordinary day. – Beauty Editor, Amy Sciarretto

To establish myself career-wise and in the process, become the woman I’ve always dreamed of being. – Writer, Simone Carlene

To buy cheaper shoes! – Writer, Jessica Thomas

To become fluent in another language so that I can travel and put my language skills to use (preferably Italian in Italy with an Italian stallion.) – City Pulse Editor, Ashley Goldsmith

To cut down on my Starbucks addiction and get off of my heels and wear flats more often. – Writer, Susan Romero

To create spaces both at home and work where I can find peace, and to begin a practice of spending time there daily so that I can take a break from some of the insanity that surrounds us as New Yorkers. – EIC/Publisher, Kimberly McDonald

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