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Are you on the list? The list, the list, the list… that’s about all you ever hear when even considering crossing the street to that stompin’ hot happening over there. And isn’t it just the dopest ever to be able to whisper oh so demurely to that holy-of holies, the list-keeper, ‘but of course I’m on the list, dahling!’ Hence the birth of THE LIST, spawned from that irrepressible desire to be in the know about everything golden and hip, and never ever be forced to wait on line (Gott verbieten!). When you sign up for The List at, exclusive Perk Alerts magically appear in your inbox. But not just any discounts my chickadees, deep discounts, complimentary services, free gifts, and much more at many of the city’s top boutiques, salons, and spas. Sales especially for you because you’re… you guessed it, on The List. How beaucoup is that?! And so, armed with my Perk Alerts, I set off to shop…

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It’s about 6:45pm on the hottest day of the year when it hits me: fall is coming. It’s inevitable, huh? Well cool, so be it. And this isn’t just some heat induced delusion, I don’t think… but rather the musings of a die-hard shopper witnessing a summer-winter retail transition sale in full effect (three cheers!) at Greenwich Village’s recent addition, ADDICT. Mid to late summer is the perfect time to take advantage of massive discounts on still-wearable warm weather gear, and let me tell you… mama’s been itching for a new pair of Kors, oh yeah. Be still my beating heart. Like a late blooming summer romance, my affections are equally torn in three between the Allesandro Dell’Acqua half leather boots, the Jacqueline Tobotoff leather and shell bracelet, and the amazingly beautiful, white Camilla and Marc dresses. (I wasn’t born loose…I just shop that way, I swear). The store isn’t huge (but then again, what IS in this city, apart from rent?), but owners Ashley Thompson and Megan Johnson have managed to fill the space with mainstream favs such as Barbara Bui, Tracy Reese and Jill Stuart, alongside some fresh young talent… insert cavilling here. I’m especially impressed that the store carries Kristen Lee and Carmen Ho shoes, two young designers near and dear to my heart. And although the casually chic Sass and Bide is definitely in the house, this is definitely the shop-stop for that white dress I thought I could get through summer without… not! A warning however: Addict is the kind of store where you go in for “just a look,” and end up leaving replete with dressy, casual, and party looks, complete with shoes, jewelry, and handbag. Yah, it’s just addictive like that.

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Although I’m a little disappointed not to get a call back from the owners to schedule my style consultation, me ‘n my same-old-style leave Addict together for the next summer hot stop: Plaza Too. With locations throughout Westchester, Plaza Too is another relatively recent addition to the Manhattan shopping scene. And it’s not often that I grace the Upper West Side with my potentially lethal Amex, but for heavy discounts off Kors, Chloe and Isabella Fiore… let’s just say the afternoon had the makings of a fabulously accessorized West Side Story. The Plaza collection is the perfectly balanced ratio of funky, fashionable and practical and it’s clear from the selection of new fall arrivals that this coming season should be mighty impressive. I mean, can you say Marc Jacobs quilted purse? Oh the ecstasy. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. It is still summer and a steamy one at that – more than enough time to enjoy the mouse toe Marc Jacobs flats or the Chunky Chloe platforms at only a fraction of the original price. Plaza Too’s solid collection of leather goods including rich belts, handy wallets and even a couple of lovely Luella bags is so delicious, it’s hard to imagine that this Westchester gem has been kept from our eager city clutches for so long. Apparently though, the island natives have gotten wind of the find. And so I leave, skipping down the West Side, with my new gorgeous Isabella Fiore shoulder bag. Well, maybe there is a bit less skipping than dragging myself through the oppressive sheets of heat, but with new purchase in hand, my insides are as cool as an autumn day.

All in all, I’d have to say that The List facilitated quite a successful shopping day… and veritably emptied my new purse before I could even fill it. But such is the life and hazards of the shopping fiend turned loose with discounts galore. And don’t forget to mention ‘The List’ to the list-bitch at the door (er, rather the cashier) to get your exclusive savings. The List is by invitation only, so hurry up and sign up for your fab Perk Alerts and let’s get a’shopping, a’spa’ing and a’saving!

[url=][/url] [b]Addict[/b] 20 East 12th St.
(212) 633-2672
[url=][/url] [b]Plaza Too[/b] 2231 Broadway at 79th Street
(212) 362-6871
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[b]HIGH SOCIETY ON THE HIGH SEAS[/b] By Michelle Quinn
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Although it’s true that NYC becomes something of a ghost town during the summer, there are still some kickin’ events going on in the sweaty city. So climb on down from your if-it’s-not-the-Hamptons-it’s-not-hip high horse and join me for the 22nd annual ULTIMATE SUMMERTIME PARTY, hosted by THE MANHATTAN SOCIETY on July 27th. This “Caribbean Nights” themed fete is rumored to be one of the hottest singles scenes en la cuidad, with more than 2,000 young professionals expected to attend (read: eligible, cause-conscious, hardworking, strapping young men in ‘da house = hot!), in addition to being a fabulously worthy charity cause. The party will be going off at none other than The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, which is set to close for the next few years for massive renovations. So you’d better hop on board before it sets sail (for the chop shop). Aren’t you just aching to stare down into the flowing water of the Thames (okay fine, the Hudson River), win raffles (fingers crossed), sample yum food and bevies provided by local establishments, and boogie to dancy calypso tunes?! Aye caramba!

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So by this point you’re wondering, what in tarnation is The Manhattan Society?!? I’m sooo glad you asked! The M Society is one of the most successful young professional organizations in NYC. They’re affiliated with the New York Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and deeply committed to ending the devastating effects of MS. They’ve raised more than $6 million by throwing high-profile social events, with the funds going toward serving thousands of New Yorkers and their families living with the crippling disease, as well as critical MS-related research. The Man-h-Society supports more MS research, offers more services for people with MS, provides more professional education programs, and furthers more MS advocacy efforts than any other MS organization in the world. Now that’s something to kick up your heels over!

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The Society has set a lofty goal of raising $200,000 for the Ultimate Summertime Event, of which I have contributed $100 from my purse-funds for a coveted VIP ticket (must be purchased prior to July 25th). Well worth one less bag and more room in my already over-stuffed closet, if you ask me. Regular tickets are $75 until July 25th, or $85 a pop at the door, day-of. So what better excuse to party do you need in the empty city? Come on out, shake it, move and groove it for a great cause…. and maybe a teensy bit to catch the eye of those hot suit ‘n tie guys scoping your booty-shake across the deck! Ahoy matie!

[b]The Manhattan Society
Ultimate Summertime Party[/b] July 27th from 7:30-11:30pm
The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum
(46th Street & 12th Avenue)

For tickets:
(212) 463-7787
[url=][/url] [email protected]

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