It’s Like Butta Baby


The three Southern belles who opened this business are brave. When a recent 30 Rock episode declared that Manhattan was “off cupcakes and back to doughnuts” and the city is now host to the kitschy, vegan, the oversized, shabby chic and nearly every off-shoot of Magnolia- it might be safe to say that the tiny cake trend has come to an end.

Oversaturated or not, the lines and buzzing phones do not lie. When it’s done well, whether it’s a doughnut or a slice, New Yorkers can’t deny the love for portable and inexpensive treats.

While Butter Lane is actually on 7th Street, I knew I’d found the spot when I saw two patrons standing outside the shop, moaning with delight, their mouths full of cupcakey goodness.

The pretty, yet simple space serves only the cupcake. All of the work is put only in to one product with natural, organic ingredients and a choice of French or American-style icing. Decadent flavors such fresh blueberry, banana, or vanilla that is delicately laced with beautiful and fragrant traces of vanilla bean are newcomers to the cupcake arena. The French-style is made by whipping egg whites with melted sugar; it’s less-sweet, cloud-like, and utterly delicious. The American is rich and decadent and both are swirled on top of a moist cake with an almost soufflé-like texture. The combination is nothing short of knee-weakening goodness.

Aside from the fact that these are my new favorite cupcakes in the city, they’re also open late, deliver and will bring champagne with your treats. It doesn’t get much sweeter.

Butter Lane
123 East Seventh Street, New York, New York 10009

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