Jersey’s Great Getaway


Have all the holiday feasts and parties, with one too many glasses of eggnog, left you looking worse for wear? Spa Chakra in Short Hills, NJ, a short 21 miles from your beloved island, holds the key to your post holiday rejuvenation. Located in the Short Hills Hilton, Spa Chakra has been entirely revamped, and has partnered exclusively with June Jacobs to provide its customers with paraben and preservative free treatments. With over 15,000 square feet filled with beauty enhancing power the spa also boasts a 50-foot pool, full-service salon and fully loaded health club. Pick off of their a la carte menu, or test drive one of their “perfect pairing” selections, which are specifically designed to provide the utmost relaxation in an optimal time frame.

When I arrived for my signature facial I was greeted warmly by the staff, who make it their top priority to build strong relationships with their clients. As a first timer to the spa I was treated to a complimentary foot soak and rub, during which I chatted with Sun my esthetician. By building a bond with her I was completely comfortable and ready for the pampering that laid ahead. Tailoring each treatment to the client, Sun only used products that would reduce the color in my red-toned skin; the cucumber and green tea products seemed to work best on me.

So, if you’re ever in the mood to get away, but not up to dealing with the hassle of traveling, escape to the Hilton’s Spa Chakra.
Spa Chakra at the Short Hills Hilton
41 John F. Kennedy Parkway, Short Hills, NJ

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Unfortunately I had a terrible experience at Spa Chakra. I would not recommend it. One thing I found very surprising is that you have to get undressed in the service room and redressed after your appt. There is no relaxation room, no fruit, no juice, no resting….seems like they just want to get your money and send you on your way.


Sorry to hear you didn’t have an enjoyable time. They have completely overhauled the whole spa and while I did undress in the service room, I was then treated to a foot soak/rub, which all first timers get(I was also offered sparkling water or tea). So hopefully your bad experience was just a fluke.


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