Julep’s NYC Pop Up Shop Nails It!


Pop Up Shop Alert! Julep – that uber cool nail polish company from left coast land (you know, where they take ten minutes to order a coffee) has made their way to the right coast. They’re here for a short visit and have set up a Pop Up Shop on lower 5th chock full of their you-gotta-have-it nail polishes, skin care and beauty items.

Go in. Get up close and personal with their new colors. Hey, they change every month, so stock up on a recent fave, and discover some new ones. From pale and pretty to so bold it’ll bowl him over. Pick a Maven Box and save some money. Add a little glitz on top and your nails will be as personalized as a Seattle coffee order. Need more enticing? Okay, well the first 200 of you to walk in every day will receive a free bottle of polish after you take their fun style quiz.

Empire – a sexy silver for US NYers

More enticing wanted? How about the perfect gift for the die-hard New You City girl? Julep has created a custom polish color, celebrating our great state, only available in this NYC shop – once it’s gone, it’s all over baby cakes. What’s the name, you ask? Why, EMPIRE of course!

Oh, and after we did a little twisting of their perfectly manicured hands; we got them to offer BeautyNewsNYC readers a 20% discount! You must mention it to the sales associate to get the discount. So don’t forget!

Stop in, have some fun. Pick some polish. Choose from single regular sized bottles along with irresistible gift sets such as: A Year in Review: Ten mini’s from their most popular palette, Little Lights: Four perfect holiday colors, Gem Collection: A dozen jewel inspired sparkly colors. And then there’s the biggest, baddest gift of all, The Extraordinary Gift Box: a big pink box filled with nail/cuticle serum, top coat, oxygen nail treatment, hand cream, foot cream, face primer, the Year in Review collection, a mani kit of four professional tools, lip plumping primer and five fab lip glosses. It’s over the moon! (Tip: Save money by buying and splitting the items up for smaller gift giving)

Get running!

Julep Pop Up Shop
Open through December 22nd
102 5th Ave. – between 15th and 16th Streets
New York, NY

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