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“The greatest opportunity is to mainstream this procedure. The greatest challenge is to gain the trust of the public.” – Robert Grant, Corporate VP and President of Allergan Medical

By the time that Will & Grace episode aired that involved Will getting an injection of BOTOX™, barely allowing him to move even his lips, the jokes on the cosmetic injectable treatment as a sure-fire means of snagging a frozen look were already a common perception. So surely there was some head scratching when just recently the makers of BOTOX™ Cosmetic, Allergan, released the ‘Express Yourself’ commercials in which gorgeous 40-to-50-somethings sway around smiling and laughing – looking surprisingly natural and too hot for their own good. Come on, pairing ‘BOTOX™’ and ‘expression’? Isn’t that an oxymoron?


Spokesperson and Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen

Photo by Tam Turse

On May 8th Allergan decided it was high-time to dispel the myths behind their dermal fillers, BOTOX™ and JUVEDERM™. Teaming up with Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen and her mother, Elaine Madsen, Allergan launched Keep the Wisdom. Lose the Lines., a campaign that focuses on having frank, honest dialogue about the results you can expect to have with injectable fillers and encouraging potential clients to seek highly-skilled experts who are trained to administer fillers in a medical setting.

With the use of BOTOX™ increasing by 283% since 2002 and hyaluronic acid fillers like JUVEDERM™ increasing by 68% since 2004, the campaign has also set out to answer the top 10 questions women want to know about aesthetic injectable treatments:

1) Are injectable products such as BOTOX™ Cosmetic (Botulinum Toxin Type A) and JUVEDERM™ dermal fillers safe?
2) How much do aesthetic injectable treatments cost?
3) Will the results look natural?
4) How long do aesthetic injectable treatments last?
5) Will my insurance cover the cost of aesthetic injectable treatments?

6) Are injectable treatments such as BOTOX™ Cosmetic and JUVEDERM™ painful?
7) Is there scarring?
8) How long do aesthetic injectable procedures take?
9) Do aesthetic injectable procedures cause bruising or other side effects?
10) Will my face still have expression?



A longtime user of injectable fillers, actress Virginia Madsen wanted to be involved with the campaign because she felt there was a serious gap of information about the medical treatments. Unlike many of her Hollywood cohorts, Ms. Madsen has been very open about her use of fillers. She uses BOTOX™ on what she calls her ‘eleven,’ the vertical lines between the eyebrows, and JUVEDERM™ on her ‘parenthesis,’ the lines along the sides of her nose and lips. At the campaign’s launch, Ms. Madsen stated that it was particularly important for her as an actress not to lose her features: “I lost the lines, but I still look like me…aging gracefully has taken on a whole new meaning, and using BOTOX™ and JUVEDERM™ is just one way of my overall commitment in taking care of myself.”

For answers to the top 10 questions and for more information on the Keep the Wisdom. Lose the Lines. campaign, go to: www.keepthewisdom.com

For information on BOTOX™ and JUVEDERM™, go to:

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