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So, hi, how much do we love Kiehl’s? Yeah, a lot, I know. Now, I know this may be hard to believe, but I’m going to tell you why you’re going to love Kiehl’s even more than you already do. One word: grapefruit. Mmmmm, grapefruit. I like mine cut in half with a little bit of sugar. You? Oh, you like yours as a hand and body cleanser in a lovely pump bottle. That’s so funny, because Kiehl’s just introduced a new grapefruit hand and body cleanser in an awesome pump bottle. Apparently it’s your lucky day. You should buy a lottery ticket.

And, on top of it all, it’s a fab cleanser – it’s made with humectants which leave the skin moisturized even though you scrub the crap out of it trying to rid yourself of the dirt and filthy New York grime. I know, I know…the subway poles are my worst enemy, too. And, it’s not tested on animals, which is a good thing. I really hope none of y’all buy anything that’s tested on animals – unless it’s, like, a cockroach or something because those little f-ers are narsty.
[/center] Hmmm, I know there’s something else about this product that is awesome…what was it again? OH, THAT’S RIGHT – 100% of the proceeds from this hand and body cleanser are being donated to benefit YouthAids, an organization that is working with more than 60 countries in trying to protect youth from the horrible disease. 100% is a lot of percent, people, so do a good deed (and treat yourself while you’re at it).

What, you want to know how much the product is so you can know how good you’re being to the world when you buy some just because you love Kiehl’s and grapefruit smelling yumminess so much? Hi, run-on sentences are our friends in case no one told you. The 6.8 fl. Oz bottle is $15.00. A 4.2 fl. Oz bottle of Creme de Corps is $15.00 also, so really, you’re getting a phenomenal deal here peeps. And it’s all going to a great cause. I feel like Angelina Jolie already. If only the cleanser came with her lips, body, and boyfriend…

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