Knotty Vines for Summer Toasts: An Affordable, Flavorful Quartet

Raise your glass for the newest drink of the summer. Meet Knotty Vines, a line of wines made for millennials by millennials. Knotty Vine’s Chardonnay, for example, is geared towards millennials with a sophisticated palate and love for wine – but the twist is that it’s priced at under $15. Everyone’s on a budget these days, so indulge without worry.Knotty Vines is made in California by a female, millennial winemaker who knows exactly what her age group is looking for when it comes to a glass of flavorful vino. Knotty Vines offers four distinct varietals:

Chardonnay: this has a smooth finish with notes of peach and green apple, a tinge of tropical flavor, and a rich and creamy vanilla finish. Pairs well with brunches, fish dinners, vegetables, and a gaggle of good friends.

Pinot Noir: a darker, more sumptuous take on Pinot Noir, this wine retains its careful complexity while dripping with richness and flavors of black cherry, vanilla, and oak – culminating in a smooth and lingering berry-laden finish that pairs well with dinner and daylong picnics near rivers.

Cabernet Sauvignon: this is a very indulgent Cabernet Sauvignon packed with mocha and black cherry flavors, and is a silky smooth, rich, medium-bodied wine finishes with playful silky tannins. Excellent for date nights, online dating meetups/matchups, and all foods with strong flavors to meet-and-match its hardy wine energy. Truly brava.

Red Blend – this sumptuous confluence of Merlot, Malbec, Zinfandel and Petit Verdot results in a velvety blend of ripe plum, coffee, black cherry and chocolate flavors with a smooth, rich finish. So delectable, this pairs very well with appetizers, mains, desserts, parties, summer rooftop soirees, and memorable destination wedding toasts.

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