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Korres Natural Products debuted their first US store late last year and 110 Wooster Street was lucky enough be crowned as their Flagship location.


The Love
The Korres brand has a reputation for love stories. For me, the first time that I bathed my skin in their highly decadent and utterly delicious smelling Guava Body Butter, it was love at first touch.

George Korres founded the company, born from Athens first homeopathic pharmacy, that soon developed a cult following. Lena, one of the first employees at Korres, now holds not only the position of co-founder, but of Mrs. Korres, as well.

In New York, beauty junkies have access to just about any divine product known to man (or more appropriately, woman), but Korres products aren’t exactly sold on the shelves of Duane Reade. Sephora has stocked their goods for a long time and though the convenience of their locations can rival Starbucks, the harsh lighting, hordes of crowds and overwhelming scent of perfume are enough to send me straight out the door as soon as my mission is accomplished. So once Korres announced that Soho would be their first location, I was elated.

The Look


This company works hard to stay true to its roots, even throughout the design concept. They use a white pallet to mimic the pharmacy that the company stemmed from and gold tin wallpaper made of material used to produce Greek honey tins. The vast amount of products might otherwise be overwhelming if the store were not organized so meticulously, and even if the non-overbearing, yet very knowledgeable and friendly staff (where have you been all my life?) were not there to assist, there is no way that you couldn’t find what you need. Who doesn’t need that? The end result is clean and glamorous. Much like their product.

The Line – Beauty & Cosmetics
The line of skincare products, like honey and thyme infused yoghurt and wild rose, are made with ingredients that not only smell heavenly, but are surprisingly affordable. Of course, none of that matters if it doesn’t work. I’m on a mission to find out.

Since moving to the city, my once flawless skin has become a disaster. So when I became the tester girl for this skincare line, I had nothing to lose. Well…after my diligent regime of the 24-Hour Wild Rose Cream, Wild Rose Serum and the Wild Rose Imperfection Targeting Oil (this one is major), I can see a serious difference in my skin. How can this be in only 3 days? I can’t stop looking at my new and improved skin in the mirror. How nice will it look in a week? A month? I can hardly wait!


Korres has also created a make-up line, which in turn, has created a whole new monster. All of the cosmetics are inspired by nature and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Doing what we do, I see a lot of cosmetics and a lot of new lines, so it takes something pretty great to stand out and something even more fabulous for me to make room in my cosmetic bag. In the Korres line, more than a few products made the cut. First up is the Soft Eyeliner Pencil. It’s printed right on the box that, “this smooth pencil is ideal for the inside of the lid.” I couldn’t believe my (perfectly-lined) eyes! I have been using this technique for myself, and when I freelanced, for years and so many pencils were too harsh for this application, not this pencil and I will never stray. The Cedar Wood eyebrow pencil has rich color but looks perfectly natural and because it’s made with pressed powder, it lasts. Their Lip Butters will replace my trusty Rosebud Strawberry (RIP) and since I’m a total gloss lover, I also love the Cherry Oil Lip Gloss-it smells and tastes good but also made my lips look extra plump. Finally, the Ginger and Vitamins Foundation is light and made my skin look and feel like most foundations promise. Plus, it has SPF 10. For a company that is natural, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with their cosmetic line, but they did what so many get wrong. The colors are highly pigmented and long-lasting, while the foundation and powders look lightweight and natural.


So a love story this is…just in time for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully by that time, I will have fallen in love with my beautiful new skin.

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I really love the Korres rose moisturizer-it smells divine and feels good–


Overpriced products that make a lot of claims that are not substatiated– i would so much more go for a n all american brand like Estee Lauder before i go to buy their products again. they give little benefit with a lot of puff.


I welcome Korres to the U.S. I have used the products that Sephora has made available, and I’m now thrilled to have access to the entire line. As for “overpriced”, well the price point is far below that of most lines. As for claims that are not “substantiated” (or at least that’s what I assume rose was trying to spell) I have been happy with every Korres product I have tried from shampoo to mascara.


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