Kudos for Kamali


Anyone who can wrangle cozy grey jersey into high fashion deserves a special note of praise. The fact that Norma Kamali has gone one step further and made life even more manageable by creating a line of travel friendly cosmetics, however, is enough to make her a permanent fixture in the hearts of every woman.

A peek into her Upper West Side shop reveals not only a collection heavy on the gold foil and jersey, but also an extensive wellness and beauty line, with an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients. In addition to airline approved travel kits of face cream, self tanner, soaps and even teas, Kamali has created a veritable cosmetic and gourmet buffet for every craving of the mind, body and spirit. Floral tones of rose, violet, lavender, and jasmin punctuate the line of beauty products and even provide inspiration behind her “Lovely Bubbly” soft drinks and syrups.

The store with the flapping neon colored flags has become the hot spot for wellness, relaxation and a low stress travel season. After all, some of the best gifts we can give ourself are the ones that keep us healthy, happy and well.

For more information about the Norma Kamali Wellness line and for information about the store, contact:
11 West 56 Street (Between 5th and 6th)

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