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When I say “launch,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, regardless of what comes to your mind, I’ll tell you what comes to mine. Initially I do the cliche thing, which is NASA, of course. Unoriginal? Yes. Honest? How could I be anything but? So the second thing that comes to my mind is the launching of a new product line. How fabulous is that? To launch a new product line? The pressure, the anticipation, the excitement, the free samples! Oh, I feel giddy just thinking about it. Taking that thought to the next level, you could launch just about anything — a new company, a campaign, a something else I’m sure, but for some reason I’m drawing a blank. Why am I drawing a blank, because at this point the only thing I can get in my head is: Ladies Who Launch. No, not lunch. LAUNCH.

Qu’est-ce que c’est Ladies Who Launch? Launch what, these ladies do? Well, as a strong -minded career lady like myself, we can launch anything damnit, so screw you for doubtin’. Ok, defensive mechanisms down thundercat. Behind every great company, every great idea, and every great probably everything is an intelligent and driven lady. I’ve personally always wondered how they got their start – out of curiosity and sheer jealousy, a little bit (I sooooo want it to be me, please let it be me). Well, the unknown is unknown no longer.

Ladies Who Launch is an event being held in New York City on October 20th where the genius chicks behind companies such as Stila, Take Your Daughter to Work Day, and Pythoness Hedge Fund are coming together to share their wisdom behind their big launches. It is an all day event being held at Lotus (heeeeyoooooooo), and goes from 10am – 8pm. Well, the event is from 10pm-6pm – the post-event drinks where guys are invited is from 6pm – 8pm. It’s like “get your career life in order” day meets “oh, god, I need a man day.” Unless of course you already have a man, and in that case, hook a sista up.

Can you really think of a better way to CBS? (that’s networking in my language). Aside from the obvious perks of meeting some seriously kick-ass gals and getting your head on straight about your career, there are some loverly perks that I’d like to share with you. First, LUNCH. Mmmmmmmm, lunch. I know y’all know me to be a huge fan of dinner, but…I can’t lie. Lunch and I have been having a torrid love affair for years. Second, COCKTAILS. Yep, that whole 6pm – 8pm thing. Mmmmmm, cocktails. Third, exclusive discounts, consultations, and access to new products you could only dream of. Fourth, free gift bag. “You had me at gift bag, you…had me….at…gift bag.” Gift bags are only guaranteed with pre-registration, so you might wanna get on that.


It is $80 to pre-register, and you must be pre-registered by October 19th. If you don’t pre-register, it’s $100. You can also register by phone by calling Holly Campana at 866-411-LADIES. In case y’all know people in Seattle, there is also going to be an event in the rainy city on October 27th. I’ve never been to Seattle, but I’ve always wanted to go. Random fact I thought I would share. Anyhow, when you all become famous entrepreneurial women, promise me this: you’ll hire me. I’m not cheap, but I like to think I’m worth it.

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