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The Art Directors Club hosted a sort of green party. Not political or environmental, but a celebratory party to reveal the four young women who beat out 1,350 other entrants for a $20,000 grant to pursue their passions and Biore Skincare products to ensure they look good along the way. Gen Art and Bioré™ Skincare’s Uncover/ Discover Program showcased “the newest, female fresh faces in fashion, film, music, and visual arts” with green cocktails, green candy, green skincare products and pistachio-white chocolate “hors d’oeurvres-a-ma-jiggies” (which my friend and I fell in love with).


From March through July of this year, young women around the country had the chance to submit their work in fashion, music, film, and graphic design to the program through Biore.com. Semi-finalists were chosen by the Bioré™ Skincare experts and Gen Art. Next, America cast their votes, which determined the finalists in each category. Then, a panel of judges was assembled for each category and, along with guest judge and host of the evening Giuliana DePandi, the grand prize winners were chosen. Some of the judges included Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone, Carlo McCormick, Senior Editor of Paper, Ann Watson, Fashion Director for Henri Bendel and Director Annie Sundberg,

The winning works were displayed throughout the event and venue. Ardistia Dwiasri’s gorgeous outerwear was on exhibit, Daphne Lambrinou’s film “Paperboat” played in a secluded backroom, Hearts of Palm UK rocked out on stage and Tracy Silva Barbosa’s captivating artwork was hung about. These names, I am sure you will hear more of and it was apparent why they were crowned the winners. Find out more about the winners and see their masterpieces at www.bioregenart.com.


Source: www.ardistianewyok.com
Coat from Dwiasri’s collection.

I got a chance to speak the Italian beauty of E! Entertainment Television’s News Live, Giuliana, about her involvement with the event and some of her beauty faves. “It’s really easy to be passionate about something…and to be scared to do something about it. Theses girls took a chance,” she says empathically. When asked about her experience with picking her choices, she said, “It was really difficult. At the end, I had to choose what I thought was best in my opinion.” After watching Lambrinou’s “Paperboat,” “it made me want more and I thought that was a sign of a good director.” Giuliana believes that it’s important to help fellow sistas out, and she even commissioned a piece from Barbosa for her new home (with the new hubby?) in Chicago.

As for beauty tips coming from a beautiful woman, Giuliana said she drinks lots of green tea; about four cups per day. No coffee. And for the best tea-making results, she recommends only steeping the tea bag for 3 minutes. She’s also a fan of the Biore cleansing strips.

Bonus: One of the drinks at the party…

Green Dragonfly
1/2 oz. Reyka vodka
1 oz. Melon liqueur
1/2 oz. Fresh lime juice
Shaken over ice and poured straight up. Garnish with melon.

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Ashley Wayne

I actually bought Dwiasri’s pieces (one of them is the Fall ’07 Quiterie jacket that btw is still for sale at some online boutique for more than 50% off) but were absolutely disappointed in the quality. The “not-that durable” pieces have seams and cutting that don’t reflect the price, definitely not worth spending more than $250 for her stuffs AT ALL, although all her pricing ranges in the $500 to $1100. I’m a shopaholic who doesn’t mind spending $$$ for great quality clothing but hers is so mediocre yet overpriced. I’d rather spend couple more hundred of bucks and get… Read more »


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