Laser Hair Removal: Let’s Not Beat Around The Bush

Okay, so the idea of laser hair removal, especially on your lady bits, can seem a tad aggressive and intimidating at first. Lasers are destroying the hair follicles in some of your most tender regions and there’s always the nagging suspicion that it won’t work anyway.


Well, let a veteran with a good experience break it down for you. You generally buy packages (for example I got six) that should take care of the situation. I went to Madison Hair and Laser Center in NYC and overall the experience was pleasant but more importantly, you get results.

The breakdown:
Every five or six weeks you make an appointment to have a technician apply the gel and laser away the hair. You see a dramatic difference after the first session, and then not much of a difference for the second and third rounds. Then a gradual difference over the next few rounds. One might think they should start going in the summer but that’s not the case – you can’t wax during the process and you have to apply a decent amount of SPF to the area if you go tanning. Plus, the whole process is going to take around a little less than a year – start right after summer is over so you’re more than ready for resort season and summer ’15.

1. You don’t have to deal with the painful and constant aggravation of waxing. Not to mention the embarrassment of stubble burn on vacation.
2. When it’s done, it’s done. Sure you’ll need to do some touch up work every now and again, but for the most part you’re off the hook.
3. Did I mention you don’t have to deal with making a waxing appointment and taking a valuable hour out of your life every month?
Cons –
1. It hurts. A decent amount the first time. Take 2 Advil before each session and apply numbing cream to your um, area before going if you’re a delicate flower. With each session it should hurt less and less because there’s less hair to burn off.
2. You have to go every five or six weeks without fail or it will screw with the whole process. So plan your vacations accordingly.
3. The cost – but it’s really not that bad. Think of it as an investment on yourself.
Anddd that’s really it. I highly suggest Madison Skin and Laser Center in the Murray Hill area – and do yourself a favor, ask for Jeanne.

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