Let’s Brunch — The Haus of Mimosa @ KTCHN


Inconspicuously “tucked” away on 42nd Street and just a wig and boa’s throw from the Hudson River is KTCHN in the flamboyant hood called Hell’s Kitchen. This eatery is housed in The OUT Hotel and while the business has seen its days of drama, decadence and scandal, the place is still serving up something different to experience, depending on your level of taste. It’s a NYC tourist’s Mecca for chic, slightly out-of-the-box dining, lodging, dancing and entertainment. It’s also carefully planted next to a police precinct and just a few blocks away from the city’s UPS flagship store so men in uniform line the streets.


Speaking of men in uniform, The Haus of Mimosa is a 3-year running brunch drag show that has tourists and locals equally baffled and belly laughing over their omelets, pancakes and sandwiches — as well as copious carafes of mimosas. The Sunday duo, Travis Barr as the buxom Anita M. Buffem and fellow performer Steven Incammicia as Gina Marie Ritalle pack on the make-up, strap up or back and entertain the room as two Long Island divas who babble, kvetch and then break into song without prevocation. They both have very good voices and harmonize over the latest hits and nostalgic classics like Rosemary Cloony’s, Mambo Italiano. The room is often jolted by the decibel of the soundman sitting behind the speakers instead of in front of them.


Expect a full room this fall and the typical but tamed-down raunchy drag banter during your digestion. While the drinks are strong and the breakfast eats are a costly egg or two and less than worthy of sending home a postcard, it’s better than ‘sitting alone in your room’.

La Cage Aux Folles it is not, however, finding a Givanchy gown in the loo (during my visit, it turned out to be a table cloth or napkin), it could be worth the trip as far west as you can get without getting wet on The Circle Line.

The Lip Sync Off is particularly amusing.

Discover the Haus of Mimosa: http://www.hausofmimosa.com

508 W 42nd St,
New York, NY 10036
(212) 868-2999

Make a reservation: http://www.ktchnnyc.com.

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