Lights. Action. Haircut. Drama!


Yep, it’s Shear Genius – you guessed it. And last week was the tougher week of the two episodes, for sure (well, you try converting a brunette to blonde and see how well you do).

We hovered around Time Warner Center last Thursday to get our hair styled by Roy Teeluck, one of the guest judges on Shear Genius, Episode 2 and owner of the Eponymous Salon. Here’s what the hair guru had to say:


BN: What was it like being one of the judges for Shear Genius?
RT: Sheer pleasure! I really enjoyed being able to see such great new talent in action.

BN: What is really tougher to do: turn brunettes to blondes; or follow a photo of a celeb?
RT: The toughest thing to do is coming to a compromise, whether it be turning a brunette blond or following a celebrity photo. If you can find a compromise between what you have to work with and your client’s desires, the end result will be a happy customer.

BN: What’s the most important thing a stylist should do in your opinion? What should he/she be familiar with before touching a client’s hair?
RT: There are a lot of things a stylist should do before even touching a pair of scissors! Developing people skills is always crucial. You need to be able to listen, advise, and have patience.

BN: What are the popular hairstyles for the summer?
RT: I’ve seen three major trends for this summer. A straighter do with bangs, a natural wave, and a messy, beachy look. For the straight look, you need to take the weather into account. Make sure you are using a smoothing cream that will lock the humidity out. I love Nexxus’ new Sleek Style cream for this.

Well, we hope you hair mavens got a load of those styles! Roy’s salon is on 38 East 57th Street, and there’s a whole heap of famous people standing in line to get an appointment, so make sure you book early.


We also caught up with Anthony Morrison, winner of Episode 2:

BN: How has your experience been on the show?
AM: It’s really been such a learning experience but also a ton of fun. Let’s just say I’ve met some interesting characters. Some I’d even like to hang out with after the show.

BN: Are you good friends with anyone?
AM: Yeah. I’m good friends with Tabatha.

BN: What was it like winning the celeb photo contest? Did you know you would win?
AM: I felt very confident with my celeb look. When I looked around the salon I knew I would be in the top three.

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