Little Things Mean A Lot


What type are you? When you find something absolutely amazing (comfortable flip flops, an EBay store that sells cute Mexican tops that are just too cha-cha for words, gum that gets rid of garlic breath) do you share with your friends or do you keep it to yourself? Do you indulge and revel in the notion that you have the inside scoop on la vie en rose? Well, darlings, I am the first type. I like to spread the word. Nay, I live to spread the word on the goodness that I find in even the most mundane aspects of life. So here is my first installment of things that I think rock the freakin’ house. Oprah, you ain’t the only one who has her favorite things!


Tiffany’s for gifts. Though I am not necessarily a huge fan of the blue box when it comes to jewelry, I have to say that for class act gift giving, you can’t beat Tiffany’s. Whether spoiling yourself with a new alarm clock, giving a colleague a Tiffany’s pen to celebrate her promotion (a little kissing up never hurt) or showing mom you really love her with a gorgeous Tiffany’s vase. For under a hundred dollars (and if you’re willing…much more than a hundred) you can see faces alight with glee as you bestow your own bit of blue-boxed goodness.

French Idol (PePe Le Pew’s answer to Simon Cowell) has le beat-box en plus. You can’t miss this. Check out Joseph. You won’t believe your eyes or ears. C’est incroyable!


VIVA la clean-up! Never a girl to waste my time on chores, I have discovered a paper towel that is worthy of a shout out. Yep, a paper towel. You can do so many things with paper towels. Sounds a little corny, yeah whatev, but these paper towels are the best. Stick with the solid white, though…goofy floral prints are out. Viva, by Kleenex kicks the ‘quicker picker-upper’s’ butt and leaves that big lumberjack guy crying like a little girl with pigtails.

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