Look Fabulous, Even in the Rain!
Stay Dry and Be Stylish


Dilemma: You’ve picked out the perfect outfit, and you’re wearing your chic-est, most stylish high heels…and it’s pouring! We’re talking buckets here. Well, your raincoat will cover your outfit, but you’re not in the mood for clunky rubber rain boots.
Problem Solved: PYSIS – pronounced PI-seez – and stands for Protect Your Shoes in Style is a flat bottomed boot that’s worn over your high heels in the rain or the snow. These fancy shmancy galoshes have been created with style and practicality. Rubber sole? Check. Foldable? Check. Great looking? Check! Adjustable to all leg sizes? Check.

PYSIS company owner and creator Cassandra Droogan, left the corporate world with the hopes of creating something new and innovative yet simple. While sitting in her car on a rainy day (waiting for a parking spot, of course) she watched the stylish women of NYC ruin their expensive shoes while trying to avoid puddles and run between the drops. Apparently, inspiration simply fell from the sky and the rest is herstory.

To wear, simply slip the boots over your shoes or even leather boots, and then fasten the polyurethane upper around your leg with the adjustable elastic closures and that’s it. Takes seconds to put on and keeps your feet dry and your shoes protected. After the rain, simply fold up and put them in their carrying bag. Brilliant!

For more information go to: http://www.pysis.com

As someone who prides herself on having an embarrassingly large collection of accessories, I thought I had seen it all until I came across this fabulous folding umbrella. It’s made from cork.
Yes cork! The real thing. Pelcor takes Portuguese cork from the forests of cork oak trees and creates sophisticated, sustainable, high quality, hand crafted, everyday useful accessories such as wallets, belts, handbags and of course umbrellas. Everything is made in fine leather factories in Portugal and some of the items are stained in hues of berry, yellow or orange. This folding umbrella is a natural color, and comes with its own case. Unlike many folding umbrellas, this one pops open big and wide for full body coverage on a rainy day. Stay dry, look chic.

For more information, and to see a fascinating video on how cork is taken from trees, while leaving them unharmed, and then turned into fashionable accessories, go to http://www.PelcorUSA.com

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