Look What The Wind Blew In…Tracy Reese Fall 2008 Collection


A storm was a brewin’ backstage at the Tracy Reese Fall 2008 show. Finola Hughes, host of Style’s How Do I Look?, gushed about the collection of nature-inspired prints (much like her Spring collection), models were swept here and there and fervor of anticipation rained on everyone.



Finola Hughes behind the curtains at Tracy Reese

Edris Nicholls of Edris Salon on 14th St. was very free spirited with the styles. “I’m just seeing what happens,” she says as she creates an updo-esque hairstyle of tussled curls. But most of the models rocked flowing romantic waves. First, she the applied FHI Hot Sauce throughout the hair. Then, the hair was parted down the middle and rolled into buns and dried with a blow dryer. After the hair was dry, they took down the buns and brushed the hair out, creating the waves.




Then came the eye of the storm. Or rather the storm on the eye. Mally Roncal, using Mally Beauty products, took the idea of a storm and put it on the eyelid. She layered plum, pink and black shimmery colors on the eye to create an intense, but wearable smoky eye. For the cheeks, the tapped on the tops of the apple a berry cheek color (to be named). She continued to apply the cheek color up to the sides of the eye and the top corner of the eye. Finally, she topped with a pink shimmer powder. “If its nice and soft and light, its not going to look crazy,” she says. They used the same berry cheek color and dabbed it on the lips “and married the whole thing together.”


Roncal (far left) demonstrating how to create the look


The Sally Hansen Salon Collection made a splash on nails for the fifth season collabo. Blending and layering Orchid Bloom (Reese came up with all the names for the polishes) and Age Correct Nail Growth Treatment, a watercolor effect took shape.


All of the pieces were very feminine and figure flattering, many of the styles timeless and trendy at the same time. The bold coloring, such as kelly green and bright red, was refreshing and the neutral toned pieces are sure-fire staples to any wardrobe.




Source: Style.com

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