Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?
Five Cool Ways to Meet a Guy

Wishing that someone will throw pebbles at your window in the middle of the night asking for your hand in marriage? Well, sorry to tell you: it ain’t gonna happen. In order to find the yin to your yang, the ketchup to your french fries, the cheese in your macaroni, you have to go out and make your presence known. Here are some interesting places to meet a guy.

1. Poetry Cafes

Poetry has come a long way from the finger-snapping, all-black wearing, bongo-drum beating classification. If you want an intellectual guy who has more than one way with words, this is the ideal place. Deep thinkers from every borough converge on Friday nights at historic spots such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on East 3rd Street.

2. The Village Underground


Talent stains the walls of this well known open mic venue. Only the most amazing singers and musicians visit the “dress to impress” atmosphere, and a countless number of artists have been picked up by major record labels by just getting on the stage. For a guy who’s super talented or who appreciates really good music, this would be a good choice. Or if not, maybe you could end up being the next big superstar.

3. School/Classes


First loves begin in high school and college. Love connections are made when people get together to do something they love or something they work on together for extended periods of time. Just think about how often you started out disliking someone, and then the next thing you know, he’s making guest appearances in your dreams. Crazy, right? If you’re pretty much done with school, take a class! Dance classes, for example. You can get up close and personal very fast when you’re doing the tango. But if you hate dancing, pick something you love to do or think you’d enjoy doing and sign up!

4. Car Shows


We do not need to tell you that guys love cars. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the car show atmosphere is heavy with testosterone. Your beautiful face smiling from the passenger’s side would be the icing on the cake. Hit up the next auto show, and you could be riding shotgun with a cutie in less than a week.

5. Any sports-related event


Photo courtesy of mustseenewyork.com

A no-brainer! Where the sports are, the guys will be! No need for stadium visits, though: gather your girls and go to a sports bar for some post-game action. Hell, even Applebees is packed with guys on a sports night. NBA all star weekend is also a nice idea. Book early!

While we can place ourselves in a better viewing spot to find the guy we want, often times we find amazing people when we least expect it. So live life, and have fun! He’ll be with you in no time, but remember, that doesn’t mean stay home. Because the whole romantic act of climbing the trellis up to your bedroom window to profess his love for you will not happen. I mean, how many people have a trellis anyway?

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