Looking for Your “Sole” Mate? Fall in Love with Custom-Made Shoes


I truly may have found my sole mate. For a girl with thin legs, the idea of custom-made boots is heaven sent. No more peering in between the gap of my calf and boot. Finally, my boots would hug the slim curve of my calf and everyone would wonder where I found boots to fit these legs.

Source: Boston.com

Custom made boots and shoes are the latest trend for women who are tired of settling for footwear that just doesn’t fit well. Custom footwear can be yours for a mere fitting, a dose of patience and, of course, a price. Here are some great places to get your boot on right here in New York City.

Oliver Moore
1194 Third Avenue

This place is a dream come true for anyone with hard to fit legs. Shoe designer John Dale and owner, Paul Moorefield, will coddle your legs with multiple fittings until you feel like your boots are a second skin. Dale says that they first do a fitting and create a last for your foot. Once that is done they let you wear the first boot for several days to see how it feels. Then they adjust it and do a second fitting. The entire process takes about six to eight weeks.

All of this does not come cheap, but once the last is made subsequent boots or shoes are less. The last for knee length boots is $1,800 with a total price of $2,800. The last for shoes is $1,000, with a total price of $2,200.

P.S. – Dale also said that he can adjust any existing boots to fit your calf for $150. Can he work miracles, or what?

Tupli Custom Designed Shoes
780 Madison Avenue, Suite 2C

Tupli was founded by two women who saw the need for custom-made footwear for others. Partners Tamara Chubinidze and Kathy Myczkowski preside over this Madison Avenue haven where you design your own footwear that fits to perfection and is comfortable to boot. At Tupli they make a custom mould of your foot and prices range from $750 for shoes and $1,450 for boots. The turnaround time is approximately six to eight weeks. Not bad, considering that it can take longer to find that perfect pair of ready-made shoes or boots.

T.O. Dey
9 East 38th Street

T.O. Dey has been around since 1926 and can make just about any footwear a customer can dream of. They also do a variety of repairs and adjustments on existing shoes and boots. Prices for custom footwear vary depending upon the design, style and type of leather. The entire process from fitting to final product takes seven to ten weeks.

Any way you cut it, custom-made is the way to go for the perfect blend of style and comfort. If only we could custom make everything, even our men!

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I think it’s a great idea, the price is a bit much for the everage consumer. I lucky my calfs are small, so far I have found boots that fit my oliver oil legs, from various designers.


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