Love/Sick @ Royal Family Performing Space

Love, lust and loss are the primary themes in John Cariani’s play Love/Sick now performing at The Royal Family Performing Arts Center on 46th Street near Times Square.

It’s been recently reported that the original male lead, Justin Hagan, had to be replaced by the author, actor/playwright John Cariani due to an injury.

The show must go on!


Cast Members: Debargo Sanyal, Dee Roscioli, Simone Harrison and John Cariani.

Set in a backdrop of a suburban superstore ala Walmart or Costco, a collection of 9 different plays unfold revealing the multitude of psychosis, complexities, conflagrations and conundrums that take root in all relationships between all sexes, from first encounters, engagement, marriage and almost into the golden years.


With Valentine’s Day in the past, the play with movement and music presents a deeper level, another layer to the onion if you will, beyond all the boxes of chocolates, rose bouquets and Hallmark moments. Dedicated to the trials and tribulations of romance and relationships, this lovesick message is honest, raw and rarely tugs at the heart but tickles the funny bone with a little cliché — the storytelling is quite sarcastic, sometimes cheesy and rather pejorative with razzmatazz tossed in to separate the vignettes.

While the material could use more tweaking, deeper exploration, a little more time to mature with sage life experience, I do think the actors do well with what they are given. I also give kudos to the well-trained dancers: Jenn Aédo, Rachel Geisler, Stephanie Israelson, Jolina Javier and Schuyler Midgett. Brava ladies!


You will laugh and enjoy many moments thru Love/Sick’s prism while it comically tears down the curtain about the notion of couples living, “happily ever after”.

Mr. Cariani’s previous play, “Almost Maine” has become a juggernaut with record breaking performance in high schools, colleges and community theaters around the U.S.

In my book, live theater inspires the soul more so than TV, Tweeting and texting.

Royal Family Performing Space
145 West 46th Street
New York, NY

Visit here for tickets and show times:

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