Luna Park’s Spring Thrills: 12 Reasons to Visit

If you’re looking for warm weather adventure, hop a subway train to Coney Island’s Luna Park. Here are a dozen reasons why Luna Park is the perfect weekend getaway:

Versatile pricing options enables you to enjoy Luna Park within your particular budget and offers rides that range from mild & fun to wild and thrilling. Wristbands render it easy to ride-hop and lines move swiftly. Since Luna Park is located right on the beach, you can make an entire day of it and enjoy a dip in the ocean or a picnic too. There are numerous food options that range from tasty Pie Face to Mexican fare at Cantina Place to Beach on the boardwalk, Nathan’s Uncle Louie G and the Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothie & Coffee shop. It’s also right next to the New York Aquarium and super easy to reach via the D,F,N and Q trains.

Those are 7 reasons and here are 5 more: the Coney Island Cyclone rollercoaster is a classic NYC experience and the Sling Shot ride will blow your mind. The Soarin’ Eagle is another thrilling rollercoaster with ultra-crazy curves and heart-rending drops. The Wild River cools you off with refreshing sprays of water. Finally, the best for last: The Thunderbolt roller coaster is slated for a May 2014 opening. It’s 12 stories high, drops in 2.5 seconds at 56 mph at a maximum drop angle of 90 degrees. Cowabunga! You’ll be airborne and terrified. It’s the first major coaster in NYC to open since the Coney Island Cyclone in 1927.

Read more at or call 718-373-5892 (LUNA). Schedule your group events here too: birthday parties, family reunions, corporate outings and graduation parties.

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