LUSH Gorillas in our Midst: Monkey Business for Noses in the Know

There’s still time left to discover the world of Gorilla Perfume via the multi-sensory LUSH Pop-Up Gorilla Perfume Exhibit (54 Crosby Street near Broome, Thursday 9/23 and Friday 9/24, Noon – 9pm; Saturday 9/25, 11am – 5 pm). This is the international touring gallery’s only North American stop, so get down to SoHo and check it out while you still can! Be among the first to experience the brave new world of Gorilla Perfumes from LUSH, before they launch in-store and online in October.

Come one nose, come all; enter an olfactory fun house where you’ll surely have a ball! Discover the antidote to boring mass-market scents, and rediscover the true art of perfume. Begin your journey through the swirling maze of scents singular and sensual with the flirtatious Tuca Tuca, where you can dance the night away through swirling mists of mischievous, whimsical violet-spiked summer air. Next, inhale and experience the sensuous build and electricity of a fresh thunderstorm – in reverse – with The Smell of Weather Turning. Escape to a heavenly, honeyed Mediterranean paradise of sweet, soul-lifting Orange Blossom and liquid sunshine; journey across the world to India, Australia, and the Middle East, where you’ll learn of the story and structure behind the passionate, personal Smell of Freedom (a complex three-part composition). Liberate your own inhibitions with the carnal, erotic, jasmine-with-no-limits, aptly named Lust; then discover the exquisite clarity of rose anchored with basil and baby soft talc in the romantic Imogen Rose (in honor of perfumer Simon Constantine’s baby daughter).

Along the way, discover fragrance “covers;” explore scent constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed, and reinterpreted. Meet, wear, and sip Hairdresser’s Husband – a citrus elixir that’s so wrong, yet so right – and get acquainted with The Three Ladies, three singular perfume works of art housed in antique bottles, and available exclusively at the gallery as one-off’s. Take one home – if you can afford her – or browse the Gallery’s Pop-Up Shop for another new favorite. Gorilla Perfume Sprays, Oils, Solids, and Candles are all available, though some are very limited editions and will only be find-able at the Pop-Up Shop.

In other words, get serious about this monkey business NOW!

Availability: Gorilla Perfume launches in October in LUSH shops nationwide and online at (excluding exclusives)

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