Make a Splash While Saying “Thank you,” with Meeble Mail

While the economy is supposedly improving, the competition for jobs remains stiff. You’ve always heard people say that while e-mail is the norm, a handwritten thank you note, after a job interview, makes a better impression. If you’re too impatient to send your thank you by snail-mail (or are worried that your interviewer might forget you by the time he/she receives it) but still want to distinguish yourself from other applicants, try Meeble Mail e-mail stationery.

With around 500 different stationery designs organized by category (“classic,” “contemporary” “for men,” etc.) you have a wide selection to choose from to make your own signature e-mail template. Compatible with Gmail, Windows Live/Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL, Meeble Mail allows you to keep the design for a year for just $4.99. You can further personalize your notes with your name, monogram, address or a motif, just like actual stationery.

If you wish your note to do even more than just say “thank you,” you can choose stationery provided by one of Meeble Mail’s cause partners, such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Wildlife Conservation Society and more. By using stationery linked to a cause, a percentage of the purchase price will be donated to that organization. If you know someone who’s job-hunting and want to help them out, you can give them the gift of distinction by purchasing a Meeble Mail gift certificate. Once you purchase the stationery, just add the link to your e-mail tool bar and insert whenever you want to send a distinctive e-note. Meeble Mail will soon be available for Outlook and Apple Mail.

So stand out from the crowd, be appreciative of your interviewer’s time and possibly even support a cause with Meeble Mail!


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