Makeup Alert! Check Out Our Best Bold New Year’s Eve Looks


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New Year’s Eve is the night to really let go and blaze out with glitz and gold. If you go a little over the top, all the better! Metallic eyes and bold lipstick channel the Eighties….in a good way. But do show a little restraint to avoid looking like a lit up lamp post or an aging prom queen. Though you can go all metallic we suggest adding strong colors like cobalt or navy blue, forest green and purple that are so hot right now.

Before even thinking of glitter and silver, make sure your face is flawless, clear and glowing. Any makeup applied to a flawless complexion will shine even better. I recommend the Hydro-Peptide exfoliating peeling system. It consists of a two-step micro dermabrasion with vitamin C crystals that rid your skin of debris and small wrinkles on the top layer to reveal plump fresh skin underneath. Added bonus is a slight lifting effect. Love that!

After that, get a lovely golden glow using the mineral based shimmer powder of Jane Iredale’s 24 Karat Gold Dust. Vegan goddesses try Prime Corrective by DeVita, a light refracting primer and corrector that neutralizes imperfections without colored pigment.

For eyes, you can find inspiration in beauty expert Felicia Durate‘s dark sultry look. Her plan for New Year’s Eve is to glam up eyes with glitter and use a black liner to create a crease shape and then blend it out. Next she suggests patting on gold or silver glitter (match your accessories) onto the lid. She uses eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash lines and smokes it out. This sultry look is dramatic with a nude glossy lip. Add highlights with a bit of Vincent Longo’s Hydro Stick on your cheekbones. Consult the beauty experts on Sindulge to help you find your best look.

Photo courtesy of Jane Iredale

Bold blues and greens were hot on the runway, and now hot this year. You will find all you need in the tiny Jane Iredale Glamour Eye and Lip Rose Gold Palette that features 15 Pure Pressed Eye Shadows as well as 10 Pure Moist Lipsticks and 5 Pure Gloss Lip Glosses. The Caribbean, Violet Eyes and Blue Hour are bright and on trend this New Year’s Eve. The gorgeous vintage inspired rose gold case easily fits in a clutch for any touch ups needed as the evening turns into morning. The Jane Iredale Snappy Brush Wand with three interchangeable magnetic brush heads can help you navigate any look from natural to dramatic without effort. A magic makeup wand I’d say!

Mixing emerald with metal is a way to have the best of both worlds during the last night of the year. Try the mineral base shimmering Met05 Emerald Trio in the Prestige Cosmetics Collection that offers sheer to intense color which can be applied wet or dry. It’s long wearing no matter how late you’re out or if you sweat on that dance floor all night long.

Tough chicks love a metallic only look, and the 5 Shade Millenium Eye Shadow by Frankie Rose offers inventive variations on metal. It contains Daze, Steel, Copper, Frost and Pearl that are easily mixed to create subtle to bold reflective surfaces that wouldn’t dare crease!

I am equally fond of the Oasis Eye Shadow by Prestige. This is an icy metallic for a smooth glaze It slides on the skin like a dream. No creasing and no repeats necessary.

To create drama, eyeliner is the all-required beauty weapon on New Year’s Eve. For my super sensitive eyes, I love Defined Lines in the Devita’s Absolute Minerals Vegan collection The Liquid Eye Pencil by Gorgeous is a pencil and liquid eyeliner in one that lasts up to eight hours without smudging. The super intense pigment allows for fierce New Year’s Eve statement lines.

This Red Holiday Lip Set by organic line Starlooks has all you need to create luscious lips to flash a dazzling smile all night. A light sprinkling loose glitter on top of your lipstick can make it fun too. Pair it with false eyelashes for an irresistible siren look.

I always decide at the last minute which look I want to create. It all depends on which glamazon look I’m in the mood for that evening. Perhaps glitter, or maybe dark sultry with gold or bold blue. But now armed with tons of options and knowing how to use them, I’m ready to kiss 2013 buh-bye in style!

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