Manhattans Best Fixer-Uppers [The City’s Top Shoe Repair and Alterations Shops]


My clothes and shoes are like my children. I treat them with the best of care, so if they need mending I only trust the best to work on them. Would you take your Manolos or Choos to just any shoe repair shop? That pair of extra long $200.00 jeans can’t be hemmed by any old tailor. We’ve found several business that take pride in their work – a rarity today. Take your pick. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Best Shoe Repair Shops


Top Shoe Repair
600 Fifth Avenue

Visiting Igor at Top Shoe Repair is like taking your child to visit his or her grandparents. Igor loves your shoes as much as you do. He uses only the most durable rubber for his lifts and soles. I am very hard on my shoes and even I have yet to wear down Igor’s soles.
Igor personally works on every shoe himself. He once said he tried hiring help but no one does it like him.

Angelo’s Shoe Repair
228 Columbus Avenue

This tiny shop has the feel of a real family business. Angelo and his family members all give tender loving care to the shoe children that are left in their care. As a bonus they are even open on Sundays. Women’s small lifts are $7 and larger heels are $12.

Toscana Shoe Repair
2348 Broadway

They do quality work here and don’t skimp on the rubber used for soles and lifts. Your shoes will pass the New York City sidewalk test with flying colors. Lifts are $10 and up.

Cesar’s Shoe Repair
180 Seventh Avenue

This shop has a website, but despite the high tech faà§ade it is still very much a mom and pop shop. Take your leather lovelies to Cesar’s for a spa rejuvenation. The puppies will look like new when you pick them up. They have fast turnaround too. I took my favorite brown leather boots for lifts and half rubber soles which were ready the next day. If you want you can ship your precious cargo to Cesar’s for free. Just go online at and print a free shipping label. How perfect is that?

Best Tailors


George’s European Tailor
1168 Lexington Avenue

I took my precious beige wool (too long) Michael Kors pants to George and he hemmed them beautifully with expert hand stitching. It cost more than a sewing machine hem but George gave me a choice. He talked me through the options and I knew my baby was in good hands.

La Mode Cleaners & Tailor
106 West 71st Street

You can feel comfortable leaving your clothes with Mr. Kim. He takes his time and gives his heart to your beloved items. Hems start at $14.

Wilfred’s Tailoring, Inc.
20 West 23rd Street, 4th Flr.

This rather chic looking tailor shop has several individual changing rooms with wooden doors for privacy. Alterations on simple hems cost $18 and up and can take one week. Still, the high quality work outweighs the cost and delay. Your clothes deserve the best.
Check this place out online at

Campos & Campos Custom Tailor
237 West 14th Street

Although work done here is sometimes slow, the end result is flawless and well worth the wait. Hems begin at $18.

Come on, I know you have a bag of pants that need hemming or shoes that need repair. No more excuses. Now you know where to take them.

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