Meet the Sisters Behind the Happy Box: Q&A with Hannah + Ariel Redmond

If you haven’t heard of Happy Box, you need to now. The incredible Redmond sisters, Hannah and Ariel, have launched an amazing product with their mission to send gifts that are affordable, convenient, and stand out no matter what the event is. With over 100+ gifts to choose from and 12+ cards to choose from, building your very own Happy Box is extremely enjoyable — especially knowing that you are going to put a huge smile on that special someone’s face.

Happy Box is the perfect gift, and it’s even better when it is a surprise. What is great about creating your own box is that “personal doesn’t need to be pricy,” as the company says. You choose what you want to spend and include, for whatever celebration you like.

Beauty News NYC couldn’t wait to sit down with Hannah and Ariel to hear more about their company, and how Happy Box got started.

Could you please elaborate on the background of Happy Box and how your it all came into effect?
In college, Ariel got dumped right around Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to send her something unique and fun to make her smile… a bundle of fun/happy things. After seven stores and a 20-minute wait at the post office, I built a great care package and sent it to her. When she loved it, I thought “there HAS to be a website where I can do this online”… but when I checked, there wasn’t. Years later, I still thought this would be a great idea. I had the itch to do something entrepreneurial so I pitched the idea to Ariel, and we decided — based on how our careers complimented each other — that it would be a fun next move. At the time, Ariel and I were both working in advertising agencies: me on the strategy and branding side and Ariel on the creative side. We launched the business, ran it as a side hustle out of my apartment for a while, and then in the Fall of 2020, we both quit our full-time jobs and took the business full time. We created a platform that we would want to use: where giving a gift is as enjoyable as receiving it.

We have two goals:
1. To make creating the perfect care package convenient, easy and fun.
2. To support amazing companies, we believe in including small, mission-based, women-owned, and BIPOC-owned businesses among other brands as well.

How does Happy Box work, exactly?
Happy Box is a gifting platform. We take all the hassle out of building a custom care package. We always say we’re at the intersection of customizations and convenience. Users first pick a box design, then they pick all the gifts they want to put in their care package, then they pick a card. Our team then hand-packs each gift and hand writes their note in their selected card, and ships it right to their recipient’s door. It truly is a “build-your-own care package” experience. We believe in “gifting with a wink” – we have fun with the products we pick, and we try to maintain affordability so our customers don’t have to break the bank to gift something truly unique.

What are your most popular Happy Box Gift items? 
Definitely our “self-care” items, like bath bombs, lotions, and face masks, as well as our amazing candy/treats. We do still also have some fun items like a voodoo doll, which is a throwback to our origin story!

I see you offer gifts from female-founded businesses. How do you choose which businesses to feature each month?
We honestly shop for items that we would want to gift! We believe in gifting with a wink…we’re a bit edgy/sassy; we like to say we’re more like Snoop Dogg in a sea of Martha Stewart gift basket/box companies. We also look at companies whose missions line up to ours: maybe they are donating to a cause, maybe they are founded by other women/minorities. We believe that if we have a platform to reach a lot of people, we want to also do good. 

To learn more about Happy Box and to start building go to