Meghan Trainor: It’s All About That Family


Recent Grammy Award winner, Meghan Trainor makes it clear wherever she goes, that family is close to her heart. Several weeks before the Grammy’s, Trainor was a special guest at L.A. Reid, in conversation with Gayle King, at the 92 Street Y. Reid, the Chairman of Epic Records, signed Trainor to her contract, and discussed his career as well as how he recognizes a star. For Trainor, the common thread of family pervaded the conversation.

“I love you Dad! I see that white hair over there,” Trainor said from the stage during the talk, pointing to her father who was seated in the orchestra. Gary Trainor beamed, as it seems he always does when his famous daughter is around.


Before the event began, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Trainor, who told me that someone in the family always tries to be there to support Meghan wherever she goes. Mr. Trainor was effusive telling me how busy Meghan will be over the next few months. We have seen him accompany his daughter to numerous Red Carpet events, so I am confident that he will be just as busy. Later, as the conversation unfolded on stage, the audience discovered how family support was pivotal in helping Meghan achieve her goals.

During the conversation, moderated by Gayle King, Reid discussed his memoir, Sing to Me, and having worked with so many great artists such as Babyface, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher and Justin Bieber, just to name a few. When it came to talking about the day he met Meghan, it was clear that she holds a special place in Reid’s heart. He also has the utmost respect for Trainor as an artist.

“Epic Records is the home of Michael Jackson who held the record for having the longest running number one album in the history of the company. Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ beat ‘Billie Jean’,” said Reid, emphasizing the word “beat.” Reid also said there’s something “soulful” about Trainor. She’s like “comfort food.” “I’m like comfort food?,” Trainor exclaimed. The audience laughed, but understood that Reid had a point, because Trainor is so down to earth and relatable to her fans, despite her fame.

King asked how Trainor has been dealing with her fame and being recognized. “I really don’t get recognized that much and when I do they are very sweet. I don’t ever want to not be able to go outside,” she said.

Although Meghan is now a star, King asked Reid how he recognizes that someone has “it.” “When special people enter the room you feel it. My job is to pay attention to my intuition and my instincts,” said Reid.

Those instincts were clearly at play upon hearing Trainor sing and meeting her in person for the first time. She was signed to Epic Records right away, and launched her singing career. Before that, Meghan explained that she had a career writing songs for a publishing company in Nashville, Tennessee. She said her parents were extremely supportive of her songwriting career, and bought her any equipment she needed.

“My Dad Googled everything, and bought me this equipment and said ‘I don’t know what it is, but that’s how you produce,” Meghan said.


After witnessing the love that Meghan has for her family, and how proud Gary Trainor is of his daughter, the tears they shed at the Grammy Awards seem even more touching. During her Grammy speech, Meghan thanked Reid for thinking of her as a performer and not just a songwriter. We have Reid’s instincts to thank for recognizing Meghan’s potential.

As for the future, Meghan said that she has a new single coming out on March 4th. Whatever the future holds, we can be certain that Meghan’s family, as well as her new Epic Records family, will be right there with her for the ride.

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