Metro Marche: A Midtown Gem for a Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast or Lunch

There is a new bright spot in midtown where you can stop for breakfast, lunch, or a snack on the go, or to sit and relax while you refuel for shopping or other activities. I admit that I usually do not like the choices I find when out and about in New York City and end up starving by the time I get home. With Metro Marche, you can find healthy dining choices, actually sit at a table, and relax if you want to eat in. I love the menu, which has my ideal food choices if I were to design a restaurant myself, and the atmosphere is modern, bright, and clean.

Metro Marche, which opened earlier this year, is located on West 57th Street, under the same ownership as Café Metro and Fresh & Co, so if you like them, you will love this newest restaurant. When you walk in there is a counter where you can order specific types of salads or select ingredients to make a custom salad. There is also a great Market Table Selection, where you can create your own plate of hot food, including Grilled Salmon, Chicken Kebobs, Baked Mac & Cheese, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes. If you prefer, there are also sandwich melts, regular sandwiches and soups available.

For breakfast you can select a variety of breakfast sandwiches, egg platters, pancakes, French toast, avocado toast and more. There are also juices, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, desserts, and snacks you can add to your meal any time.

We had salads, with fresh ingredients and plentiful portions. One salad had grilled chicken that was very well seasoned, and the other salad included steak that was tender, and cut when the salad was made instead of pre-cut. I also loved the flavor of the house made salad dressings. We had more than enough to fill us up and took the leftovers home. The smoothies were also amazing and made with fresh fruit and vegetables without being watered down.

It is worth a visit to Metro Marche if you are in the vicinity and need a quick meal or snack. I love that there is a healthy option for fast food where you can actually sit down, relax, and enjoy a pleasant ambience.

Metro Marche
30 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019