México By Way Of Manhattan:
How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Style

The purpose of holidays is to remind us of the things that really matter in life. Christmas is for spending time with family, Thanksgiving advises us to be grateful for what we have, the Fourth of July inspires patriotism, and Cinco de Mayo serves as a reminder to…PARTY PARTY PARTY! What other holiday allows us to freely wear sombreros in public, drink margaritas like water, and slurp to the bottom of the tequila bottle until finally reaching that little worm? (I know tequilas and worms are a misconception but whatever.) Manhattanites, here are a few ways to make your Fifth of May muy caliente.

A Cinco de Mayo Concert, Maracas Included

On May 4, drop by the North/South Consonance’s Cinco de Mayo choral music celebration to get in that Cinco mood before the 5th even arrives. They’ll be singing lots of old Mexican favorites that are sure to make you salsa in the aisles. Getting rowdy in a church seems like the perfect way to kick off all that Cinco celebrating early, right?

North/South Consonance Cinco de Mayo Celebration: May 4, 8p. Christ and St. Stephen’s Church (120 West 69th St., between Broadway and Columbus) Free admission.

Tequila, the Breakfast of Champions

Start up your Cinco de Mayo festivities with brunch at Agave, the Southwestern-chic restaurant that was voted best tequila bar in the city by New York Magazine. Get in that south-of-the-border mood in an atmosphere that will transport you from the streets of Manhattan to the deserts of México, with white adobe walls, earthy artifacts and pottery, and even a bull skull with leather fringe hanging from its horns to really create an authentic décor.

Enjoy brunch fare with a kick like a quesadilla with grilled adobo chicken breast, chilies and cheese, huevos rancheros or green chile, corn and chicken chowder. And be sure to get your tummy primed for a day of debauchery with Agave’s selection of 40+ tequilas or a prickly pear flavored margarita. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing in your very own pueblo in no time.

Cinco Fiesta Brunch: May 5-6. Agave, 140 Seventh Ave. South. Call (212) 989-2100 for reservations.

Yet Another Reason to Sport Your Sombrero

So you’ve been hitting up all your friends’ Cinco parties all day, but you’re not finished yet. Time to tango your way over to Pacha’s Cinco de Mayo/Mad Hatter Ball – Cinco de Mayo for the obvious reason, Mad Hatter for the DJ of choice for the night, the legendary “Mad Hatter” Danny Tenaglia, of course. Why not live it up Cinco-style in a club whose Spanish name means “to live like a king”?

Crazy hats are not only accepted on this night, they’re encouraged, with $10 off admission to anyone donning one. So drag your embarrassingly-sequined sombrero out from the back of your closet, because unfortunately, you won’t be able to pull it off again for another 364 days. Viva Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo/Mad Hatter Ball, May 5. Doors open at 10p. Pacha, 618 W. 46th St. For table reservations, call (212) 209-7500.

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