Midnight Berries and Blues: Backstage Beauty at Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2012


Pre-showtime at Rebecca Minkoff was relatively calm backstage, with a throng of hairstylists and makeup artists crafting a beauty look that was both sexy and unfussy to compliment a collection based in rich colors, texture and bold embellishments.


Lead makeup artist Mai Quynh created a look to highlight colors seen in the collection – jewel tones and warm berry hues were key players at the makeup tables.

“We’re playing off of the clothes,” she said. “Rebecca’s clothes have really pretty, exotic prints – a lot of purples, blues (and) we wanted something really fun to go with that.”

The models’ made-up faces showcased soft pink lips paired with dewy skin and ombré eye shadow – a layering of deep mauve, royal blue and dusky purple that melded into a gorgeous plum color. Foundation was massaged into the models’ faces with bare fingers.

“Layering’s really key for this look,” said Quynh. “We’re starting with a cream eye shadow to keep it (surreal) – it’s a bronze color. We’re putting that over the eye. We’re putting mark. luvstruck, which is a (pink) powder eye shadow, in the crease.”

Next, mark. longwear eyeliner and shadow compact in surreal (a blue and bronze combination) was used to create a depth of color. The final result was a shade both ethereal and extravagant: a deep mauve with hints of coral and navy.

But can this be recreated at home? While Quynh admits that the makeup for this collection was more high fashion than play-at-home, she does believe the look can be downplayed for everyday wear.

“You can do something not as bright and not as dewy – use regular eye shadows for it,” she said.


The hair at Rebecca Minkoff was relaxed and feminine: loose face-skimming strands of hair framed a playful, finger-formed side knot.

Lead TREsemmé hairstylist Jeanie Syfu wanted the hair to reflect Minkoff’s ultimate inspiration for the collection, which was Ewan McGregor’s television documentary Long Way Round (its protagonist re-imagined as a woman).

“She has a lot of masculine influences – a lot of jackets and slacks – so I thought this was the perfect compliment because it was still romantic,” Syfu said.

Syfu and her accompanying stylists carefully textured and pieced together the “undone” side bun, letting loose strands fall around the face.

“(It’s) a no fuss hairstyle, she’s dressing for herself, not for anyone else, and she’s not over-thinking her hair,” she said.

Fortunately for us, this is also an easy look to recreate at home. The products used were TREsemmé’s 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray, Smooth & Silky Anti-Frizz Secret and 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray – all of which are readily available at supermarkets and drugstores.

“Fasten the base with an elastic (band) before you wrap it around in a bun, because otherwise it’s just not going to hold,” said Syfu. “I didn’t use any brushes or curling irons. Literally, this is all done with my fingers.”


Minkoff’s quirky romanticism also manifested itself in the models’ nails, which were executed by Haven Spa SoHo in collaboration with Essie. The nail design was an elegant reimagining of a French manicure – a greige base coat lined with ruby red and midnight blue.

Anne Lazovic, manager of Haven Spa, revealed the colors for the collection’s signature nails.

“We’re doing a reverse French manicure. A nude base coat (Essie Jazz), tips in (Essie) Midnight Cami and a second stripe for the French (Essie Wrapped in Rubies),” she said.

With the right colors in your repertoire, the nail design is simple to do at home. The three Essie colors used are available for purchase online and in stores.

“It’s no more complicated than a basic French,” Lazovic said.

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