Mish-Mash’ll Make Ya Jump, Jump

Today I couldn’t decide what to share with y’all, so I bring ye three very different, yet very special things. How different? How special? Doubtful are we? Well, I promise I won’t fail ya … unless you don’t like what I write, and in that case, I’m terribly sorry you shmuck-a-rama.

[b][i]Numero 1:[/b][/i] In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a shout-out to the new Apple nano (which, I don’t know about you, always makes me think of Robin Williams), bring you an item that combines one of our favorite causes and one of our favorite melodical addictions. Incase (the leading dudes behind all those spiffy carrying cases for your laptop, iPod, and guitar) has teamed up with DC Shoes and Apple to collectively join efforts to support Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), a foundation that is dedicated to promoting the importance of early detection and the value of a healthy lifestyle. Early detection is one thing, because your boyfriend/husband totally checks for you every day; but a healthy lifestyle might mean giving up the “New York” drinking, smoking, and rolling in at 6am after a long night lifestyle you’ve been rocking for the last god knows how many years. Sorry, no judgement, I’m just pointing it out. Power to you sistas.

I’m not going to lie, when I first read this, I was like, “they made a pink shoe to carry your laptop in?” Ha ha. No. Not 100% off, but really, I was nowhere close. Ladies and Ladies, I present to you the Incase Breast Cancer Awareness iPod case that features the famed pink ribbon straight across the front. I know I did a shout-out to nano earlier — wuzzup, nano!!! — but, the case is only for the old school-ish iPods (meaning, “normal” size iPods for those of us who don’t have el obsessioney with mini things). Of course the case has all the standard features of whatever you’re looking for feature-wise in an iPod case — unique flip-down controls, belt or strap attachment (kinky sounding), and complete iPod protection – but more importantly it tells the world that you’re not going to put up with breast cancer’s bullshit anymore, and you’re going to rock out while you tell it to F-off.

Half of the proceeds are going directly to B4BC, which I personally think is awesomeness times five. The iPod case is $39.00, and will be available at Apple retailers and http://www.apple.com

[b][i]Numero 2:[/b][/i] Don’t you love getting invitations in the mail? I mean, even if it’s to an event you really don’t want to go to, like your cousin Flossie’s wedding in Sheboygan, it’s still fun to get that invite in the mail. I’ve gotten some doozie’s over the years – I mean, some are classy, but…it’s always the train wreck invites that get my giggle buds all a-flutter. Anyhow, this has nothing to do with my piece – twas just an interesting side thought.

J.F. Lazartigue, the brilliant hair geniuses who but a year ago opened a Hair Analysis Center and Boutique on Madison Avenue, are celebrating the first anniversary of said boutique. And, oh wait, you guessed it, we’re all getting invites. No, not in the old fashioned mail – it’s coming via this crazy email thing people keep telling me about. Nonetheless, it’s an invite, and I LOVE INVITES. Especially when people invite me to spas, because… well, I love spas.

On Saturday, October 8th and Saturday, October 15th, J.F. Lazartigue invites you and a guest to enjoy a complimentary Numeric Hair Analysis and 15% off all products you decide you can’t live without while you’re there (sans the Soin D’Exception line). Seating is limited, so call, like, five minutes ago to make an appointment at (212) 249-9424 ext. 15. I also saw a little note on the invite that said something about FRENCH PASTRIES and refreshments. Holy hair treatment, Batman – spas, complimentary spa services, discounted products, AND pastries. Slap my ass and call me Sally, I’m so there. You wanna come? Oh yeah? Well you gotta print out this invite and bring it with you.

J.F. Lazartigue, 764 Madison Avenue, second floor (btw.65th & 66th street); (212) 249-9424 ext 15

[b][i]Numero 3:[/b][/i] Do you just want to smack all those happily coupled people you know — the ones who always seem to be having a good time riding horses in the park in slow motion; drinking wine during a sunny Sunday picnic; and hiking through the whatever the hell it is trail that’s supposed to look awesome but I hate nature? Fret no more my single loved ones, I have heard your plight and so has Meet Market Adventures. Funny play on words AND a great idea. Let me tell you why…

Meet Market Adventures is a travel company dedicated to bringing active and adventurous single people together for all sorts of activities. Some of the events are local, and some are farther away than local, but I know you’ve been meaning to cash in your week of slightly paid vacation. Hold the phone, here’s a very important point – Meet Market Adventures says they are not a dating service, but more of a “bringing together people who happen to not have long-term companionship that might find each other interesting and sexy as all get out.” No, those aren’t their words, they’re mine – but I keep it real for my peeps.

Anyhow, this weekend they’re having two events right here in New York, and…if nothing else, they both involve booze. On Saturday, October 8th, you’re going on a West Village Pub Crawl Tour. There are literally only six spaces left for this booze-o-rama, so hurry to the website to get your tickets. It’s $25, and…I’m not even going to tell you where you’re going to crawl because you’re going to get so drunk anyway, you won’t remember. And on Sunday, October 9th, you’re going on a hike on Schunemunk Mountain for $49. God, I wish I could tell you where that is or why I love the name of it so much, but I know you’re meeting on the UWS, and they’ll take you from there. It’ll involve a little climbing, a lot of dirt, some shmoozing .. I don’t know, I personally tune out around dirt, but whatever floats your boat. OR — yes, there’s another Sunday event — you’re going horseback riding, eating lunch, and drinking wine. This will again involve some shmoozing, dirt, horses, and then some vino. If I were going, I’d personally skip everything until the vino — a girl’s got priorities.

If for whatever reason these events don’t appeal to you, but the idea of Meet Market Adventures does — check out their website at www.meetmarketadventures.com. There is a whole list of upcoming events — and not only dirt focused events, that is just a weird coincidence for this weekend. Not that crawling around pubs naturally implies dirt — maybe it’s just been my experiences. OK, I’M A LUSH LEAVE ME ALONE.

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