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Craigslist is a freakin’ goldmine! Not only can you find, buy and trade stuff with people on it, you can find, buy and trade people! Well, not really, but it seems that way with the crazy posts people put up sometimes. Whenever you’re bored and have run out of things to look up on the Internet, take a visit to Craigslist and check out what I like to call ‘The Love Connection Section,’ or ‘Personals.’ This includes the ‘Missed Connections’ section. This is the section where, if you felt like you made a connection with someone – whether it be strong eye contact or you randomly made out in the bathroom of an Irish pub at Happy Hour – and you didn’t get a chance to exchange information, you can write a post about it, in hopes that the other person will read it and reconnect with your bad ass self. Here’s my question to you, people who actually write and respond to these missed connections: Was it really that serious? I mean, really, was it?

You must be the kind of people that believe in love at first sight, right? If they actually responded, would that be destiny? Well, good luck! In a city with so many possibilities, I believe anything can happen these days, so I never say never.

And I actually don’t blame you. But, here is my proposed advice for curtailing missed connections, because I too have made some serious eye contact with a strikingly attractive member of the opposite sex on the subway, and yes I’ve fantasized that right before I stepped off at my stop, he’d grab me by the arm, spin me around and whisper in my ear, “I’ve been watching you the whole time, and I can’t let you walk away from me.”

Well, the chances of that happening…nada. So here’s my advice to you: Grow some cajones! If you think that guy on the train is really hot, tell him. I’m sure he needs that little boost of confidence. Doesn’t everyone? Or if you want to make out with that sexy mysterious guy while you’re riding up the elevator, do it. In this situation, you may want to ask him if it’s okay first, though. The mere act of asking is obviously rhetorical but will make you look even hotter! (You know guys love it when their ladies tell them how much they want some make-out action)! Who knows? Maybe Craigslist will end up putting a new section called “Hot Connections” from all those people dying to write about the connections they actually made with their new cajones. Just maybe…

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