Mother’s Day: Award-Winning CACAOSUYO Chocolate is Peruvian Heaven

Cacaosuyo Chocolate has garnered multiple awards for its delectable Amazonas and Peruvian chocolate that tastes like… well, best-in-show chocolate, and their motto “The Best Kept Secret of the Incas” is accurate. The founders have a passion for exploring the Amazon and rich jungles of Peru. The Incas consumed chocolate as a source of energy and power, and Peru is the veritable center of the origin of cacoa. Like other gifts from the Pachamama (Mother Earth), they shared it with allies and kept it as a secret from enemies.

Cacoasuyo is the destination of a journey to the era of the Incan Empire – and the name is in honor of the land of the Four Suyos. Here’s a breakdown of just some of the various types of bars Cacaosuyo offers:

Lakuna is 70% cacao and hails from the Amazonas and has a velvety floral finish.

Chuncho-Cuzco is 70% cacao – in the Cuzco region, the Chuncho cacao grows near Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. It has a rich herbal sweetness.

Piura Select is 70% cacao and is made with white cacao from the Piura region of Peru; it’s citrusy and nutty and delicious.

Cuzco 80 is 80% cacao and is a dark, lush chocolate that is sweet, flavorful and mild.

Here are some of the awards Cacaosuyo has won:

2021 – International Chocolate awards
Best in Competition – overall winners:
Plain/origin dark bar categories
Gold: Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Cuzco 80
Plain/origin bars
Plain/origin dark chocolate bars
Gold: Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Cuzco 80
Gold: Chocolate Maker
Gold: Direct Traded
Gold: Growing Country
Silver: Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Chuncho
Silver: Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Lakuna
Silver: Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Piura Select

Savor a taste of Peru’s bounty and artfulness with this exquisite chocolate from Cacaosuyo. Read more about ALL of their flavors and order them HERE. You can also find them at any of THESE places.