Natural Beauty and Buns with Purpose Accentuate JC Obando’s S/S2011 Collection

Makeup and hair inspiration for Juan Carlos Obando’s Show at Milk Studios in Chelsea went back to basics – to showcase a powerful woman. She doesn’t need meaningless extras to command attention.

The looks will set trends for Spring and are attainable for anyone. Creative direction and beauty were provided by master stylist Didier Malige and lead makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi.

For makeup, Farolfi stressed natural tones for flawless skin and delicate eyes, rosy shades for cheeks, and shimmer beige gloss for lips. She applied all MAC Cosmetics to achieve contemporary beauty in Obando’s models.

Products used included Studio Sculpt Foundation and Prep + Prime Skin Under Eye Concealer (if necessary) both loosely applied, and full fuchsia cream color base for cheeks. Brows were naturally groomed and lashes remained mascara-free but curled, Honesty Shadow for eyes, and Dim Lip Erase treatment and Oh Baby tinted lipglass for lips. Nails color was natural and clear.

For hair, the disheveled knot with purpose was highlighted. No.4 Pro Team™ stylists kept models’ tresses simple and flowing, feeling their manes where they went naturally. Locks were pulled back softly at the crown with loose ends around the head for a beachy, saltwater look. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products used were Jour d’automne™ Styling Foam, Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect, and the new Jour d’automne Mighty Non Aerosol Hair Spray. All Number 4 products provide immediate long-lasting results, mighty shine and versatility for all hair types. They are also planet friendly.

To create this style: Work Number 4 Styling Foam from roots to mid-shaft, focusing mostly at the top. Next blow dry and scrunch to create texture. Pull back the hair below the crown leaving tension loose to create softness. Pull the ponytail through 2 ½ times so the ends are sticking out. Place bobby pins (sand them to remove the shine and look rough) randomly to add interest to the texture. Apply Mighty Hair Spray with finger tips. Gently touch hair and pull at strands to create intentional frizz and a halo of softness.

Photos by Laura Hanifin

After my backstage visit with the makeup and hair people, I grabbed a complimentary lunch of tofu and green salad, two mini Balance bars, and a hot Bustelo latte (Just what I needed.) Feeling like an energized astronaut, I then got a seat at Obando’s runway show. His S/S2011 Collection consisted of 27 evening and cocktail looks made from rich hand-dyed fabrics, perfectly fitted and tailored as always, with a touch of shimmer (with gorgeous Swarovski crystals!). Pieces included wonderful ladylike frocks in light teal, peacock blues and olive greens; and separates in shades of gray from light to dark. Then there were fiercely cut-out skirts, tops and pants. Obando achieved an interesting collection, inspired by the Hubble Telescope and Duncan Jones’ motion picture Moon. His elegant styles herald back to genteel times, yet with a nod to Futurism. Consider his Show’s musical score, from a “ready to spread your legs” techno mantra to Mercer and Mancini’s Moon River. Sadly, I had to return to Earth…

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