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We wandered in for coffee and chai tea during an afternoon stroll on Avenue A and didn’t have a clue we were walking into a mecca of eco friendly delights. Energized after our lattes, (and the best chocolate brownie!) we perused Sustainable NYC and were thrilled by the array of cool merchandise that’s been created from recycled, reused, eco friendly, fair trade and natural resources.

Not a big store but chock full of items, owner Dominique, manages to have everything displayed in neat, appealing and easy-to-find arrangements that make you want to buy one of everything. Splurges for yourself don’t have to be costly as you case the joint for cool cotton clothes, books that beg to be read, sassy shoes and handbags and fun jewelry. For the home are items such as hybrid solar chargers, tooth brushes with handles made from recycled wood, bamboo bowls, placemats made from recycled newspapers, green party supplies for your Earth Day celebration, and natural papers to bake your own favorite cupcakes in. (so there Magnolia!) If you’re on the prowl for a gift, you’ll love the adorable baby things, precious pet items, pretty candles, and hard to resist house wares such as vases and tabletop items, made from recycled materials from all around the world. Consumables include delicious organic chocolates and teas.

Get dazzlingly and organically beautiful with a large selection of beauty products such as Peacekeeper lipsticks, Priti nail polish and soy based remover, Skinny Skinny soap, Dr. Bronners soap, (remember him?), Lee Lai bath teas, Badger sun screen, and Holly Beth Dry Oil, just to name a few.

Put Sustainable NYC on your A-list!

Sustainable NYC
139 Ave A (at 9th Street0

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