Natural & Organic Beauty + Emporium = Beautorium


Sixty percent of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body, so the lotions we moisturize with could potentially give our bodies a lot more than just soft skin. There are many safe, healthy and green options out there, but with all the choices and factors to consider, it might get a bit overwhelming.

To help tame the wild world of natural and organic beauty, industry veterans Ann Francke and Barry King have wrangled in beauty products from around the world (some brands exclusive and new to the U.S.) and have brought them to one simple destination:


The newly launched web site not only has environmentally-friendly natural and organic products running the gamut (anti-aging to pregnancy, body care to hair care and aromatherapy to makeup), but it also acts as an informational resource. It offers counsel, tips and solutions on beauty issues, gives specific information on what ingredients to avoid and lists every ingredient so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Beautorium selects brands according to a demanding criteria:
• Most products are certified natural, organic and/or vegetarian by the world’s most reliable independent third party organizations.
• Products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free.
• Products contain effective ingredients and with proven benefits
• Products are professionally and beautifully presented.
• Products have compelling brand and company personality.

They’ve done the homework, so all you have to do is shop.


If your order is over $75, Beautorium will include a free “I Am a Natural Bag” fair-trade burlap bag, which you can use instead of plastic bags (and let the world know eco-conscious cute is a possibility). With your order, you will also receive free samples from other lines, in a pretty (recycled) Beautorium box.

Shop now at

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