Need a Refresher Nap? Head to the Gravity Snooze Room in Brooklyn!

Gravity Blankets presents The Snooze Room at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center for NYC go-getters to catch a few much-needed winks before conquering the world. Gravity, the makers of the world’s most popular weighted blanket, welcomes you to slow down and snooze a little. Open through February 22, the Snooze Room will enable you to experience the awesomeness of the Gravity Blanket, and weighted sleep mask and pillow. You can shop their products in-person, or place an order and have it shipped. Take a snap after your nap in the Gravity Photo-booth, and explore offers from other brands, including Eight Sleep, Objective Wellness, Calm, and Zenni Optical.

For more on Gravity, visit or visit Gravity on social @gravityblankets (Facebook, IG, Pinterest, + twitter).

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