New Year’s Resolution?


I was listening to the news the other day, when I heard an interesting tidbit that I thought I’d pass along to you. It seems that the popularity of online dating services is on the wane. The main reason cited, was that people misrepresented themselves. DOH! If the news reporters had only been on a few of my dates, they’d have laughed themselves silly. Yup, I am a veteran of online dating. One date had seriously photo shopped his picture. In it, he had blonde hair, goatee, tiny rimless glasses, was thin and very cute. In person, well let’s just say that any hair he had was in his imagination. He was also much larger than his picture. Did I mention that in person he looked old enough to be my dad? Did he misrepresent himself? You be the judge.

So what are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Are you going out or staying in. There are so many parties and so events going on that it’s hard to make a choice.

Wherever you go, don’t forget your [b]Lip Lingerie[/b]. It’s a fabulous line created by Miss Diane Brill. This is a woman who knows how to have fun. She’s been hailed as New York’s “Queen of The Night” modeled in fashion shows, is a correspondent for the UK show, “This Morning” and has written a book, “Boobs, Boys & High Heels – or How to get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours.” As you can tell by the title, it’s a witty guide about women and dating.

Dianne’s line of lip wear is attractively packaged in pink (natch) with clever details. The lipsticks have little notes written by Dianne for you to read tucked into the box. They’re clever little hints on how to make you feel sexy. The lipstick casing looks like fishnet stockings. The lipstick contains an anti-feathering formula, and ingredients like grapeseed oil (an antioxidant) and squalene, milk agents and chamomile. These ingredients moisturize and protect your lips. The lipstick also contains a plumping agent, making your lips ready to be smooched. There are twelve delicious lipsticks in all. I tried 36-24-36; it’s a warm nude color. The lipstick feels like a gloss, has full coverage like a lipstick and wears really well.

Her lip glosses are bon bons. Really! The lip glosses come packaged just like a bon bon with a frilly cotton skirt that surrounds the gloss. Twist off the cap and you have a minute mirror so you can either discretely re-apply the gloss or torture your date while you play peek-a-boo with your lips and the gloss. I tried Bullet Bra; it’s a true glamorous red. Shiny, wet looking and has got pizzazz. It’s as sexy and as timeless as Marilyn Monroe’s allure. The other 13 shades are just as snazzy.

Not only are the glosses sexy, they contain more than 20% of vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizers, and of course a lip plumper. The frosted shades contain tiny amounts of sterling silver to make your lips really shimmer.

The packaging of her lip liner is way too cute. It looks like a cigar case for a girl. Best of all, the liner has a small brush on one end (and it works amazingly well) and the pencil is on the other end. It’s great to use to define your lips. The liner works well with the gloss and the lipstick. Or use the liner alone to color you lips, then slick on some vitamin E and you’re done. I road tested Chiffon Garter. It’s a true red. It went wonderfully well with the lip gloss I tested. I also used it to spice up a lipstick from my own collection. The other four shades will work well with any lipstick in your collection.

The Lip Lingerie is not only great for your lips, they’re great props to pull out and tease the boys when you go out. The packaging is girly yet sexy. As Dianne said, “I designed Lip Lingerie for a woman to slip on and be kissed in.”

You can pick up Lip Lingerie at Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Louis Boston, and [url=][/url] To find out more about the line go to [url=][/url].

Do you have a metrosexual in your life? Tell them to check out [b]The Metrosexual Tarot [/b]. [url=][/url] It’s a tarot deck in progress designed by Thomas Scoville and Hughes Hall. Everything takes place in the city – will the hapless metrosexual get the Barista card? What does the five of forks mean? And is it a good or bad thing if he draws the Stylist card…cue scary music. The site is whimsical and fun.

Speaking of fun, want to learn to Salsa? [b]Champion Dance Studios[/b] have open classes; this means you can start learning any time. They do take walk-ins, you don’t have to register. The classes are pay as you go instead of buying a package. Beginners classes are Wednesdays 7:30PM – 9:30 PM and cost $12.00. For more information contact the instructor Cindy Osorio at 646-345-8926 or go to the website [url=][/url]

Champion Dance Studios
257 West 39th Street (between 7 & 8 Avenues)
14th floor, ring buzzer 0012

If you like vintage clothes and helping a good cause, head on over to The United Action for Animals Thrift Shop. They’ve got vintage and designer clothing, jewelry, accessories, books and other merchandise for you to take home and love. The proceeds go to help abandoned and at-risk animals.

United Action for Animals Thrift Shop
402B East 80th Street, just off 1st Ave
Monday – Saturday 10AM – 5 PM

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