New York City:
A Melting Pot of Out of State Treats Part II


We couldn’t overwhelm your taste buds with all of these mouth-watering dishes the last time, so we saved the spicy Cajun, Chicago and west coast cuisine for the second round. And for those who actually eat breakfast, this one’s for you. Dig in!



107 West
2787 Broadway

Yearning for jambalaya like your mother used to make? Check out the Cajun fare here and you may want to set up a cot in the kitchen for good. A yummy Creole chicken and shrimp dish and barbecued pork chops are also on the menu. The specialties focus on Cajun and Creole dishes, but the menu has a wide variety of other food if you bring less adventurous friends.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza


Uno Chicago Grill
432 Columbus Avenue

Sometimes New York pizza just won’t cut it for those die hard Chicago natives weaned on deep dish pies. For these hearty souls, a prescription for one Chicago deep dish pizza at Uno Chicago Grill will have the patient feeling better in no time. Visit the website for other locations in the NYC.

Southwestern Tex-Mex


Santa Fe Bar & Grill
244 East 79th Street

Who knew that the cross-town bus would take you to New Mexico? Step into the Santa Fe Bar & Grill and bite into a slice of authentic Southwestern Tex-Mex. The menu is to die for: crispy blue corn calamari, Tequila marinated shrimp enchilada, cilantro shrimp fajita and Aztec nachos. And if the food isn’t enough to get you there, the margaritas are awesome.

Mesa Grill
102 Fifth Avenue

Chef Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill has tried-and-true Southwestern fare. You can’t go wrong with lunch or dinner at this sizzling spot where most of the food is grilled to perfection. Luncheon appetizers include fried green tomatoes and blue crab salad with chipotle vinaigrette. An entrée suggestion: the sixteen spice chicken with roasted garlic-mango sauce.

California Cuisine


Michael’s New York
24 West 55th Street

If you’ve had your fill of California Pizza Kitchen or “CPK” – the McDonald’s of the West Coast – then try a more sophisticated spot to appease your Cali food cravings. Michael’s is known for its California regional hybrid cuisine that blends American, French, Italian, Latin and Hispanic ingredients. Some offerings guaranteed to satisfy you west coast transplants include herb roasted trout with truffle scented risotto or black bean tempura soft shell crab.

Down Home Southern Breakfast


M & G Diner
383 West 125th Street

Be mindful that this place is always crowded, especially for Sunday morning breakfast. The diverse crowd fills the formica tables with steaming plates of grits, eggs pancakes and sausage. The portions are large and everyone leaves stuffed. I know people who travel from their posh residences to eat here every weekend. It used to be a well kept secret. Oops!

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