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Outsiders may accuse us of being rude, overly ambitious, or even arrogant, but they certainly can’t label Manhattanites as lacking in philanthropic mores. Like Little Women’s Jo, who selflessly cut her luscious locks to purchase a present for her beau, a group of women (and men!) gathered uptown to be benefactors to an earnest cause.

On Wednesday 25 April renowned hair stylist Mark Garrison hosted the first ever local salon cutting event for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Campaign at his Upper East Side salon. A free haircut at a quality salon? I hate to say it but that fact alone appeals to me, regardless of the charitable intent. Narcissistic city-dweller aspects aside, giving up your ponytail seems a small price to pay to bring a smile to the face of a woman dealing with cancer.


Mark and his team donated his salon for the evening and took in 38 tails in a few hours (even a cameraman got caught up in the goodwill and bent his head to the scissors). The salon must have anticipated last minute panic attacks and prepared for the event with soothing fragrant flowers, cheese and crackers (always a good distraction for me) and roaming team members to provide last minute calming. The feel-good atmosphere continued with a post-style cocktail celebration at Merchants Restaurant (1125 First Avenue). A hangover in the name of charity – seems so much more noble, don’t ya think?!


Beautiful Lengths provides woman with cancer with wigs made from donated ponytails. Hand-in-hand with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (whose Woman’s Cancer Re-search Fund is committed to innovative research, education, and outreach to promote early diagnosis treatment and prevention) and HairUWear, the beneficent bounty is then distributed gratis to those in need by the American Cancer Society. If you missed the event and are interested in donating, visit the Pantene website for detailed instructions on how to cut and mail your tail (you must meet length/condition criteria).

Visit and the EIF website for more in-formation. You can learn more about HairUWear at

The Mark Garrison Salon is located at 108 East 60th Street.


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Raine Marlowe Graves

Story note – typo! Mea culpa readers, as we all know Little Women’s Jo March did not cut off her hair for money to buy a present for her boyfriend but to provide money for her ailing father to return home from the war and be nursed! But the sentiment remains!

[…] Raine Marlowe Graves over at writes a great post about the Mark Garrison cutting event that occurred on Wednesday April 25th. […]


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