High Speed Survival Challenge: A Winter Escape in Midtown

The High Speed escape room is the most popular room at Exit Escape Room NYC, and its adrenaline-rush challenge is whether or not you can stop a speeding train in time. Subway riders will especially appreciate this adventure – so rather than hibernating at home as the temperatures plunge, gather a group of your smartest friends and try to beat the clock. You’ll experience the vicarious thrill of a trapped underground rider as you experience the commute of your life for an hour. Can you figure out how to activate the emergency systems and stop the train before it’s too late? Go and find out.

All four of the Exit Escape Room offerings are private to you and your party, so there are no worries about potentially sharing an escape room adventure with a stranger or four, weird or wonderful. Other escape rooms there include The Magic Crystal, Sugar Rush (with cupcakes!), and The Perfect Heist.

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