No Chewing Allowed: New French Truffles Extraordinaire

With so many high quality chocolate options in New York City, it’s difficult to find a chocolate brand that truly stands out from the pack in a spectacular way, but we did: No Chewing Allowed! Thus named because the chocolate truffles melt in your mouth like an exquisitely rich and soft chocolate butter (only better), rendering chewing them unnecessary.

Flavors include Classic, Salted Toffee, Coffee Beans, Hazelnut, Candied Orange Peels. I have to say, the deliciousness of the Candied Orange Peel can nearly blow your mind. Made in France for three quarters of a century, these rich truffles deliver the lauded tradition of French truffles that have been passed down through the generations. Savor them slooowly to enjoy their creamy feel.

Read more about these truffles at And definitely try them all!