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The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, a time to share with your family, eat, drink…maybe, even just maybe, be a little merry. Then comes the credit card bills. And whoa nelly, does that merry wear off real quickly. It’s quite brilliant, really — you’re in such a good mood, that you think “hey, who cares if I’m spending a shitload of money on my Cousin Ralph’s gift who I don’t even like!” By the time January rolls around, not only are you cursing Cousin Ralph, you also want that damn cashmere sweater back for yourself.

Et voila, I have the answer to all your problems. Welcome to my petite sample sale (or normal sale) round-up. I stumbled across a few great deals, and thought I’d share. The deals are so great, you may even be able to get a little somethin’ for yourself. Or me. I love cashmere. And handbags. And product.
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[/center] [b]Lynn/Linh:[/b] Um, hi, we love Lynn/Linh’s gorgeous girly designs. There is something ultimately sexy about the chemise/lingerie feeling designs — and I’m not talking about the trend where people were actually wearing lingerie — their designs are super classy, have the hint of a little boudoir flava, and are simply yummy. So, I bring you the Holiday Tea and Shopping Event at their NYC Showroom, which happens to be called the Heaven Sent Showroom. And say it with me now, their clothes are Heaven Sent. To me. In my closet. The sale-event is next Tuesday, December 13th from 11:00am until 7pm and Wednesday, December 14th from 11am until 5pm. Leave your plastic at home, it’s paper-only at this event (that’s cash and checks).

RSVP to [email protected] — how much do we love this URL

Heaven Sent Showroom: 231 W. 39th Street, Suite 209.
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[/center] [b]MOMA Design Store:[/b] I f-ing shop at this store all the time, so I’m even hesitant to tell y’all about this because I want to hog it all to myself. Seriously, that Muji stuff is phenomenal. Anyhoo, you guessed it, their having a sale. It’s a limited time thing though, so I cannot guarantee I won’t be you to it. It’s 20% people, and I’M LOVING IT! December 7th through December 11th (yesterday, Wed, through Sunday. You have nothing to do on Saturday and Sunday, so no excuses people). So, you can either print out the attached form and take it to the store, or type in 5VIP6 if you prefer shopping online. Although I do partake in the occasional online shopping spree — usually when I’ve had some vino, I say…pull out the shearling, head down to SoHo, go carayzee at the Moma store and then pop across to Balthazar for a little afternoon cafe. I guess you could go to 53rd street too, but…I have an allergic reaction to midtown this time of year.
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[/center] [b]MOMA Design Store:[/b] 53 W. 53rd Street
81 Spring Stree

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[b]Not Soap, Radio[/b] I did mention above that I love product. And I mean it. Hence Not Soap, Radio being in my round-up. It’s simply fab. If you can imagine using it in the bath or shower, Not Soap, Radio makes it. Have you ever tried wrapping a bottle of shampoo? Yeah, it’s not easy. (And please refrain from commenting on the fact that I have either given a bottle of shampoo or received a bottle of shampoo, wrapped, so that I could tell you whether or not it’s hard to wrap a bottle of shampoo). A little santy clause also told me that while supplies last, you’ll get a free mini sugared body polish or body souffle from the just launched “I’m Not Here, I’m Really…” collection. “I’m Not Here, I’m Really…” somewhere else? in Aruba? Oh, if only I were really in Aruba. The sale is being held at Henri Bendel starting on December 9th through December 11th from 10am until 9pm. OK, those seriously have to be holiday hours, because I’ve longingly gazed into Bendel’s at around, oh, after closing, and that, my friends, was before 9pm. It’s like all my dreams have now come true!

Henri Bendel, 712 5th Avenue (between 55th and 56th)

Completely Bare
Ah, my good old friend has come home for the holidays. We love Completely Bare — and so do our boyfriends. Yeah, let’s face it, we suffer through the pain for the special individuals in our life. So, now I say, treat yourself! Oh, wait, holidays = selflessness and giving to others. OK, treat your friends and family to the Double your Money, Double your Gifts…event…or sale…or something! From the release, here are the deals as listed by the Completely Bare Ladies.

$50 Bag: (Gift valued @ $100)
Basic Bikini Wax & completely clean Facial Cleanser and Solar Shield SPF 30 pads

$100 Bag: (Gift valued @ $200)
completely bare Purity Facial & completely clean Facial Cleanser, completely Buff, & Eminence Almond Mineral Treatment

$250 Bag: (Gift valued @ $500)
Exotic Detox Facial & completely clean Facial Cleanser, Solar Shield SPF 30 pads, Eminence Peach Masque, Sweet Red Rose Treatment, Eminence Honeydew Body Lotion & your choice of: Eminence Sweet Red Rose Moisturizer (dry skin) or Eminence Thermal Spring Moisturizer (oily skin)

Oh, and if you purchase three or more products before December 31st, you’ll get 20% off. Taking 20% off something that is already completely bare is, just, awesome.

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