North Shore Animal League Shines At Cipriani’s


Singer Deborah Cox performs for the crowd

Last night, November 4th, the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter, The North Shore Animal League, held their annual DogCatemy gala at Cipriani’s Wall Street. Hosted by comedian Sandra Bernhard, and featuring a performance by singer Deborah Cox, the event was a huge success in bringing attention to the important cause of finding permanent homes for shelter dogs (and cats!). Taking the form of a Hollywood-style awards show, the DogCatemy gala presented awards in different categories to celebrities who had made videos featuring themselves and their pets.

The house was packed

As the proud owner of a North Shore dog (my second North Shore dog), the highlight of the event for me was getting to bring my pup out on the town to a black-tie affair. Dogs were abundant, dressed to the nines in black ties, pearl necklaces and fancy doggy attire. There were even some cats on leashes. The Animal League Spa provided dog massages, grooming and even dog yoga, while we humans sipped on Cipriani’s famous Bellinis.

Sandra Bernhard served as Master Of Ceremonies

North Shore will be working with world-renowned dog trainer Caesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) on a program called Mutt-A-Gree, in which Caesar will visit young children in schools and work at changing ideas that they may have already formed about mutts being an inferior dog choice to a purebred. 4 million animals are sadly euthanized in the U.S. each year for lack of space in shelters. North Shore has saved over 1 million animal lives already and would love to see an America where no animal has to be put to sleep for lack of a home. If you have the space in your heart and your home, please go to North Shore (or any local shelter) and adopt a Mutt-A-Gree of your very own.

My own Mutt-A-Gree James is a North Shore Alumn

North Shore Animal League
25 Davis Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050

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Allison, I absolutely LOVE your article! I too am the pet parent of two former shelter dogs, an American Dingo and Beagle-Basset. I do NOT buy pets, never will. Thank you for writing your story. I wish we could adopt more. Yasmin

Bonnie Magliano

want to go to the gala next year how can i get invited? I have donated many times.
Thank You

Allison Warenik-Queenan

I would check on the North Shore Animal League’s website next September. This is the time period in which tickets usually go on sale for the DogCatemy Gala. You can look under the Events tab. You can also check here for other fundraising events that they are holding in the upcoming months.
It is wonderful that you have donated to them!


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