The Thai Way: V{IV} in Midtown West, NYC

I like it spicy! My friend, Tony, does not. Our palates for cuisine are very different, however, we’ve been dining together at restaurants from New York City to Canada, the Caribbean and beyond. We always find something on the menus that we both enjoy, while we catch up on our busy lives. He introduced me to V{IV} (pronounced: veeev) several months ago. We’ve returned on many occasions, it’s that good — the cuisine is authentic and the décor is over-the-top creative. Here is what you need to know.

Their Chicken Satay comes with two condiments: peanut and a pungent, cucumber vinaigrette. Tony is a little more of a picky eater than me, yet he really enjoyed this appetizer that was grilled to perfection. The presentation of the dish with 4 skewers is on point and generous for the price. They also offer traditional Chive Pancakes and Fried Tofu (hello to all of the vegetarians).

You may also want to try their Crispy Spring Rolls. A blend of mixed vegetables are wrapped up Thai-tly in vermicelli and then deep-fried to a golden god or goddess’ tan — 3 are served along with a little bit of salad. For the more adventurous diner, the menu includes Crab Rangoon and Chiang Mai Sausage (allegedly unlike any other sausage in the U.S.). Perhaps I will try them on my next visit.

Fresh slices of cucumber, a bed of lettuce and plenty of heat, this dish called Gai Neung Sa-Moon Prai is not for the timid or diners who are weary of spices. As I mentioned before, I like it spicy. The entrée is made with marinated chicken that is steamed — tender beyond belief. However, then the chef adds Northern style Thai curry paste and garnishes it with cilantro, served with steamed jasmine rice. Talk about a party in your mouth! I only suggest this dish for those of you who can consume the red hot chili peppers (and I don’t mean the ‘90s band). If you want something milder, their Pad Thai is also commendable.

Besides the cuisine, what sets one restaurant apart from another — the décor and customer service! V{IV} is loaded with a great staff and whimsical design. They even took advantage of modern and historic decorations from the vibrant ceiling dragon to the lamp near the bathrooms. You will be amused, entertained and feel convivial as you dine with their professional, friendly team. Kudos to Tobi, Kayden and Vicky who rose to the occasion during our Saturday lunch in this chaotic industry called hospitality. Bravo!

The dragon decoration stretches like a fancy but dangerous serpent from the entrance to the back dining room. I presume that the dragon eats as well as all of the guests. The origin of Thai cuisine stems back to the 13th or 14th century and is known as Sukhothai. This is the foundation of the cuisine and traditions that are heavily influenced by neighboring countries such as India, Malaysia and China. The spice trade market continues to flourish to this day.

Check out the link below and make a reservation for your next visit to midtown or when seeing a Broadway show. It’s within walking distance to all theaters.

V{IV} Thai
717 9th Avenue
New York City, NY 10019
Tel: 212-581-5999

V{IV} Thai NYC

Photo Credits: P. K. Greenfield