NYFW: Timo Weiland Fall 2013

Tomboy-feminine was Timo Weiland’s vision for their AW 2013 ready-to-wear collection. Most people associate the word tomboy as a women who dress or act in a masculine manner. The designers of Timo Weiland were able to blend menswear inspired silhouettes while embracing a feminine side. Throughout the AW2013 collection you will find a wide variety of designs from plaid pantsuits to leather shearling jackets, accessorizing both with vibrant red sporty-meets-equestrian hats.

Leading M.A.C makeup artist Chantel Miller wanted to embrace every woman’s natural features, while still achieving that tomboy feminine feel. Chantel left the model’s faces clean, to enhance their natural rosy cheeks. Only using MAC’s concealer pallet to conceal where necessary. From there her next focus was contouring and highlighting, using Coffee Walnut to contour and Hush CCB to highlight. She wanted the main focus of the look to be on the contour and highlighting. Chantel wanted to softly enhance the model’s cheeks, forehead and eyes without looking overly made up. For the lips she used Lady Blush Crème for a soft matte coral finish. Chantel finished the look by using Fix Plus setting spray to plump the skin and give an extra boost of moisture. To achieve this look at home Chantel suggests starting with a clean palette and a fresh face. To achieve any desired makeup look whether its natural or dramatic, you must start with a pristine complexion. On all of the models she prepped their skin with Care Blend Essential Oil. By using an oil to moisturize with, the oil can penetrate deeper into the skin compared to most leading moisturizers. Leaving your skin looking and feeling hydrated and soft.

For hair the models went to Joseph DiMaggio, L’Oreal Professional’s Master Session Artist. The leading hairstylist went for an effortless loose wave. He wanted his look to complement the design duo’s vision but be able to easily recreate it for the women on the go. Joseph first applied True Grip from roots to ends. True Grip will help volumize the hair and build texture. From there he braided the models hair in a three-strand braid and twisted it into a bun. After models were finished with makeup Joseph then unraveled the braid and softly worked his fingers through their hair, to soften the wave. If needed he would use a 1 1/2” hair straightener in a snake-like motion. Joseph wanted the hair to have beach-like waves once finished. For more of an intense wave, Joseph suggests mixing True Grip with Volumizing Spray to achieve more texture. To finish the look, DiMaggio parted the hair down the middle and pushed the hair behind their ears.

Hair was not the only look that utilized texture; it was all about the finish with Zoya nail polishes. Zoya used two new nail polishes from their special textured edition collection, Pixie Dust. Zoya’s nail artists first applied a thin layer of black polish called Dahlia. Then applied a thin layer of a soft blue polish called Nyx on top. These polishes are a must for Fall 2013. Pixie Dust collection gives texture, sparkles and dries matte. Not only are they long wearing, they are formaldehyde free and vegan friendly.

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